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6 Easy Ways Kenyan Students Are Making Full Time Incomes Online.


6 Easy Ways Kenyan Students Are Making Full Time Incomes Online.

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  1. Academic writing

As an academic writer, you work on educational papers given by other students. Most of these students come from developed countries but the content is similar to what we learn in local universities. These papers can fetch as much as $20 per page; average writers can write two pages per day earning 2x20x90=3600. This can translate to kshs 90,000 every month. One can make more or less depending on the seasons.

Note: assuming the dollar to shilling exchange rate is 90.

Anybody who can write in basic high school grammar can do this job provided they take some time to learn. You can start training here for free

  1. Article writing

Article writing is probably the most consistent way to online income. This is particularly due to the fact that information is the main building block of the internet. Websites and blogs need new information if they need to stay alive and relevant to their market. On this job, one is required to research and write 100 to 2500 word articles.

Article writing does not pay as much as academic writing; some sites pay as low as $1 per 500 word article but there’s always a continuous flow of jobs. However, good writers can make up to $100 per 500 word articles. On average, an article writer makes $5 per 500 word which translates to $5×5 articles=$25/day. That translates to kshs 58,000 monthly income.

Earning as an article writer requires less training and anybody can do it. Just take some time understanding the simple concepts of online writing; freelancerkenya.com can give you a great kick-start to content writing.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money as a writer. As a blogger, you choose articles to write. A blog is however a long time source income but can be very rewarding if you put in the effort; Money flows in when your blog attracts consistent flow of readers. It’s hard to pin point how much money one can make as Blogs can make income in more than one stream including;

  • Adsense: an advertisement network owned by Google; some Kenyan websites are making millions with adsense.com.
  • Affiliate marketing: you are allowed to sell other people’s products and earn a commission.
  • Sell own products: some people have opted to create their own products such eBooks, apps and sell them via their blogs. Most Kenyan bloggers sell their eBooks between kshs 200-1000; again, the amount you make depends on your traffic

To start as a blogger, requires both writing and marketing skills. These skills are however easy to learn making blogging the easiest to start. You can learn more about blogging here…problogger.com

top bloggers make millions with their blogs while average bloggers make between 50 to 100k monthly-There’s a possibility to make zero income too.

This Blog Made $450 Last Month: This Is How We Did It:ALL IN ONE PROFITS REVIEW

  1. Data entry

Most people who have taken the time to learn how to type can make money with data entry jobs. How much you make is entirely dependent on the typing speed. These jobs pay very low due to fierce competition from workers developing countries.   On average a data entry clerk can make about kshs 15000 per month.

  1. Transcription

Transcription is part of data entry but it’s big enough to learn a position of its own. Transcription involves listening to an audio or video and typing the content to a word processor. There are a few simple rules to follow but you can learn more here

Transcription pay per audio minute; one audio hour may take eight hours to transcribe. An average transcriber can make kshs 30000 per month.

  1. forum posting

Forum posting is the easiest online job for anybody who can spell in English; so easy, you can do it on your phone. As the name suggests this job involves posting comments on forums. Forum owners pay people to help them keep their forums stay active and attract more members. The top forums pay up to 0.15 per a 25 word comment.  On average, one can make up to $8 daily and 18,600 monthly.

Those are among the top ways Kenyan students are making money in their campus dorms. Online jobs have become so reliable that some students never bother looking for employment after graduation. The good news is, you can also make full time income working from home whether student or not-as a matter of fact, ordinary fathers and mothers are making full time income at home working online.

click here to  learn more about forum posting

If you need to start working online, drop me a comment and we will walk together.


Make $15 per Day at Blogjob: The Secret Recipe



Make $15 per Day at Blogjob: The Secret Recipe

NOTE:Blogjob has currently suspended their revenue share program…

The best postloop alternative: how to make $300 commenting on forums

Hi fellow blogjobers, today I want to share an easy recipe for making more money here at blogjob. Time is money, so let’s get into business;

  1. Scoop all the easy free points.

Blogjob is a great site where you make points just for login in, liking, joining a group and adding a friend. To me, this is free money that you should not shy from. I suggest that you login in everyday and,

  • add some friends,
  • join a group you like,
  • update your status,
  • like posts you find interesting,
  • share stuff you like with your friends(you can start with this post)


This will guarantee you have point’s everyday without breaking a sweat.

  1. Start a blogjob site.

This Blog Made $450 Last Month: This Is How We Did It:ALL IN ONE PROFITS REVIEW

Starting a site is the ultimate way to earn $15 or more here at blogjob. This is because with a blog site, you can make money from four different avenues at the same time;

  1. You will earn50 points just for posting a 300 word post.
  2. You will earn 1 point for every unique visitor; a good site can attract up to 1500 unique visitors daily.
  3. You will also add adsense, chikita or any other ad network program. Most ad programs pay an average of $1.5 per 1000 views; this will add $2 to your account daily.
  4. Lastly, you can add affiliate products and earn commissions. Depending on the products you decide to promote, you can make as much as $10 per product. Amazon is the biggest affiliate program site but you can choose from others too.

This may take some time to create a following, but if you make goals and commit to success, you can make it happen in six months. I just started my blog and I have already attracted 100 unique visitors with no marketing at all.

To ensure success with blog site follow these simple steps;

  1. Choose a topic you would like to write about. It can be anything from food, parenting, fashion, clothes, celebrities, making money. For instance, my blog site ‘digitaldimes’ is all about making money online.
  2. Pick a name for your blog site;
  • make it easy to remember
  • Ensure it relates with your topic.
  1. Create a site

You can create a site by clicking on ‘sites’ baton at the top of the blogjob home page.

  1. Choose a theme

Experiment with the different themes and pick the one that’s feels best. You can also ask a few guys to look at it and use their feedback and make changes.

  1. Start writing blog posts
  • Posts should be at least 300 words to ensure you bag the 50 points.
  • Share every post in the eight social media sites, facebook, tweeter, Google plus pinterest etc.
  • Write at least a post everyday and share it.
  • Join the bloggers group and participate in the blog elevation activities. Commenting on other blogs and they will return the favor.
  • Join forums that relate to the topic you are writing about and share r links to your blog with other forum members.
  • Join digg.com and share your posts. Dig other people posts so they can also dig yours too.

These are just a few tricks, but I am still experimenting more ways to market a blog of which I will be posting on how to make $15 with blogjob part 2.

  1. Invite your friends to join blogjob.

By inviting a friend to join blogjob will also bag 50 points and increase your chances of up scaling your blogjob daily point limit. As a new member you can only earn 150 points but if you have two people registered and 1000 unique visitors, your point limit will move up to 250 then to 500, 1000, and finally to 1500.

These are just a few tips of what you can do to increase your earnings. However, I believe no one holds the monopoly of truth. Thus I am looking forward to your feedback, comment and more ideas to help us grow together.

Another legit paid to post forum: Cashchat review


Another legit paid to post forum: Cashchat review

The best postloop alternative: how to make $300 commenting on forums


Forum posting is an easy online job that everyone can do anywhere in the world. Although these jobs can’t make you rich, they offer a great opportunity to start earning dollars online. I started working as a forum poster after I got banned from Iwriter.com as I was not a good writer. Even though I went back to blogging and article writing, I still take forum posting jobs.

What is cash chat?

Cashchat is an online forum where members meet and discuss forex trading while earning money. Don’t let lack of forex knowledge stop you from making money at cash chat. Most people who come to cash chat with zero idea about forex trading but as they participate in the discussions they catch up. As a matter of fact, some end up as full time forex traders.

Is cashchat legit?

Cashchat forum is legitimate and has been paying their members honestly.

Who can join cashchat?

As of now cashchat is only open to US citizens.

How do I earn money?

Like the many other paid to post forums we have looked at before, you earn money by posting new threads and replies on the cashchat forum. The only requirement is that you write proper basic grammar, stay on topic and be polite.  Cash chat pays $0.02 for every thread or reply; you can only write 10 new threads daily but can make as many replies as you like.

How do I get paid?

You will get your money when you have $2 in via liberty reserve or alertpay; you can register for an account with either. You can transfer the money to a PayPal account

How do I get started?

To get started at cash chat; sign up with your email, fill in the registration form and confirm your email. Now login and start posting.






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