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Postloop review: earn money commenting on forums and blogs

Postloop review: earn money commenting on forums and blogs


What is postloop?

Postloop is a paid to post website. Simply put, postloop is a website that pays you to post comments on forums and blogs.

Who can sign up?

As long you have good basic grammar and an internet connected computer whether public or private. You can work on postloop from anywhere on the globe.

How do I earn money?

Earning money on postloop is simple. You make money depending on two things

Your rating- the rating you receive when you get approved determines your pay. For instance, if you get a rating of 3.5 you earn $0.05 per post and if your rating is 5 you will make 0.15 per post.

The amount of posts you can make per day- if you make 100 posts per day, you can earn $5-$15.

Another way to earn money with postloop is to refer your friends. You earn 20% of everything your referrals make. If you refer 10 people who make $5 a day, you will make 10*5*20/100= $10whether you work or not. I am working to refer 100 active members.

How do I get paid?

You can receive your money through PayPal once you reach the minimum cash out which is 100 points equal to $5. You can withdraw anytime as long as you have 100 points which is kind of sweet since you can earn and withdraw within the same day.

How do I get started?

To start earning money on post loop, you will sign up, for free and post 10 test posts (4new threads and 6 replies is a good balance).  The test results will come after 24hrs and you will receive approval and a rating. Note that you will need to make quality posts to get accepted.


  • Grammatically correct- check for spelling mistakes, punctuations and all grammatical errors before posting.
  • At least 25 words long and not more than 50 words- make your posts 25 words and above but not more than 50 words. I try to make my posts at 35 words just to be safe.
  • Must be engaging- make the posts as relevant and conversational as possible.

Once you receive your approval and rating, you can now choose forums that interest you, subscribe and start posting for pay. Make sure to read the rules on every forum before you register and subscribe to avoid getting banned.

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