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5 top tips for money making forum posts.


5 top tips for money making forum posts.

Forum posting is one of the best ways to earn money as a writer online. I am a freelance writer at iwriter and freelancer.com. But in between writing projects I make money through forum posting at postloop, and theforumwheel. The following tips will help you write great comments that will earn you decent income whenever the other avenues run dry.

  1. Write grammatically correct posts.

Writing forum posts is one of the easiest writing jobs you will come across; however, you still need to maintain high quality content. Check for these simple mistakes before you post:

  • Punctuations- learn more about punctuations here.
  • Spelling mistakes- use your word processor to correct spelling mistakes. If you are using Microsoft word; just hit f7.
  • Avoid direct translations-improve your grammar here.


  1. Add value to the members                                                                                                                                     90% of the people who join forums are looking for answers. To make sure you are valuable to the community,
  • add examples,
  • facts,
  • statistics
  • And personal stories to your replies.

This may call for a little research but at the end of the day it helps you earn more.

  1. Be polite

No matter how offensive another user may be, never be offensive yourself. Stay polite and respective at all times.

  1. Be conversational.

When answering questions or giving suggestions on forums, write as if you would conversing with a friend, one of the things I do to stay connected with others on a thread is to mention names by tagging their names using the @ sign.

“That’s a great idea @Reddyash, the sites that I trust for freelance work include micro jobs sites like:

  • M-Turk
  • Microworkers

All these sites are reliable sources of income and are all free to join.”


  1. Be brief

Although very short posts are discouraged at all forums, it’s great to stay on point and not lose focus.

Apply these few tips to create winning forum posts. I am always ready to answer questions; just leave me a comment. Otherwise, meet you on postloop, theforumwheel or at blogjob.

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  1. this is the coolest idea I’ve read on the internet. I’ve tried writing at iwriter but the jobs there are hard to come by and the requesters are really mean with their stars. let me try this forum posting idea and see how it goes. thanks.

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