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The Comming Of The Next Ice Age

The Ice Age, a time when the planet goes into a deep freeze and the only thing moving briskly are glaciers. According to glacier comotologist the frozen land masses were on a constant move, carving out canyons and grinding down mountains and shaping the landscape. About 10,000 years ago was the last recorded Ice Age and mathematicians estimate that there is and has been an Ice Age every 15,000 years of Earths existence with a 10,000 year warming period in between each period. If you do the simple math, you will see we are rapidly approaching the end of the warming cycle. The Ice Age doesn’t mean the end of life, it just means a drastic change in life. It will mean also that giant glaciers will once again be on the move And with the top speed of a glacier being 150 feet a year, by the time the next warming period takes over, glaciers will have traveled a considerable distance and the landscape once again will be changed. The ridges you see in the Grand Canyons were carved out by moving glaciers and are more than 1 mile deep and after the next deep freeze may be deeper yet.

The Earth has been here for 4.4 billion years and in the early stages of its formation the land masses were constantly crashing into one another, and the force of those collisions forced an estimated 50 million tons of rock and dirt to form the continents and mountains that during the Ice Ages, were then sculptured and shaped by the passing glaciers. The Swiss Alps were said to have been carved out by a moving glacier and it was so disturbing to the Alpine Pheasants that they had priest perform exorcisms on the glaciers believing they were possessed. It was during these times it was said that the Vikings in Greenland turned from Pagan to Christianity as times were very harsh for the Vikings people when the seas froze completely over and a lot of lives were lost due to starvation You can just about say that the formation of glaciers in what was relatively warm parts of the Earth was sort of a reverse global warming in effect.

We who are living now will not be here to see the next Ice Age, and it even seems strange to be speaking of such an occurrence with the term “global warming” being heard everywhere. But I have noticed that for those of us who live in the northern parts of the United States, the winter months seem to be getting a little more colder than usual but in the south, they are getting just a little more toastier, go figure. With the clock ticking down to the next global deep freeze you have to wonder, with the way things are going now, will there even be anybody left on the planet in 5,000 years.?