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Brainwashing Cupid

Image courtesy of noizbusters.blogspot.com

Love and heartache, it’s been a part of us since the beginning of time and even though we sometimes get hurt emotionally, we can’t live without love, and sometimes love can’t live without us. They like to say that a woman is a ball of emotions when it comes to love, but truth is, so is a man. No one has a roadmap to falling in love and we would like to think that we know what we want in a relationship, but I hate to tell you, your hormones are in control of a hodgepodge of chemical reactions that we have come to call “Cupid’s Arrow.”

The pain of heartbreaks in a relationship is something that has driven people to take their own lives believing that they couldn’t live without that special love. The majority of us have all been victims of a love gone bad that left us hanging on to a dream that turned into a nightmare. And the thing that always seem to hurt the most is the memories. Well what if you could take a pill and the memories would vanish? Do you know that scientist are trying to develop a pill to do just that. They know that the chemical “oxytocin” better known as the love hormone plays a powerful role in the bonding of a relationship and is just one of the parts of a biochemical cocktail that scientist have yet to really understand.

Now while inventing a pill to take away the pain of a relationship may seem like a noble thing, scientist want to manipulate oxytocin to turn it into an off and on button,  a sort of anti-love biotechnology. Brian Earp, an Oxford University neuroethicist seems to think this type of technology will be developed but its purpose is a little bit suspect. Mr. Earp says that any drug developed to suppress the feelings of another person should be closely monitored for the possibility of abuse because as he says, “There’s a long history of attempting to harness biomedicine to diminish same-sex sexuality.” That is something to worry about especially since over the years, people thought that if you fell in love with someone of the same gender, you had to be mentally ill. There are those who say that developing such a pill could be beneficial in treating child rapist and sex addicts. That in itself brings a whole new set of circumstances to the table in the form of civil rights violations

Maybe such research should be abandoned all together because as we have seen, no government entity or religious order has proven to be stronger than the arrows of Cupid. As we all well know, love does not discriminate, so we must learn to accept this change in our evolution and move forward because one thing is certain, chemical brain-washing is not the way.