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Will The Killing Ever Stop?

Is there anything left to say when 9 African-American lives are lost in Charleston, South Carolina while worshipping in one of the oldest and most iconic churches in this country, the Emanuel AME, {African Methodist Episcopal} Church.  Dylann Storm Roof decided he was going to make his contribution to ethnic cleansing, and thus armed with his brand new .45 caliber pistol that his father got him for his birthday, he entered the church, sat for an hour in a Bible study class, and at the end of the class, started executing African-Americans.  He told one woman that he was going to let her live so that she could tell everyone what she witnessed. Mr. Roof is now in custody and the long and tedious task of trying to determine why he did such a thing begins. He claims that the African-Americans are taking over the country and have to be stopped and his aim was to start a race riot. It seems as though this was a definite hate crime and it makes you wonder is anywhere safe from these individuals? Why are these types of crimes now bubbling to the top in these times of poverty and hopelessness?  Some see no future for this country unless we get rid of the free-loaders in the social programs who to them the majority are African-American. They are seen as a burden on this country’s resources with their demands for entitlements such as welfare, early social security, and jobs and all at the expense of those who are well off, how dare they. So in the minds of some mentally challenged individuals, extermination IS an option sorry to say.

It seems as though the only persons able to get ready to use firearms are those with mental problems who have been left on the sidelines without any means for proper medical care thanks to social program cuts implemented by the, need I say it, Republicans. They can’t get the proper medical attention because there aren’t enough institutions for inpatient care, but the gun lobbyist will make sure that while they’re waiting, their rights to get a firearm is protected at all cost. The Republican Party cut 40 billion dollars from the food stamp program and they are looking at cutting even more. What about the poor who have no food? Do these people even care that the “American people”, as they are quite fond of saying, are eating out of garbage cans. Remember this, every time a Republican talks about saving the planet for the children, they are talking about “their” children. Their next generation of one percenters to keep a foot on the throats of the poor and the reins pulled tight on the middle class. It should be clear to even the dumbest person that the GOP is on a mission to make this country their own personal playground in which the unfortunate are kept in line and trained not to make waves or they will suffer even more cuts. How does all this relate to the mass murder of African-Americans in the church? It’s the fact that the Republicans have done a pretty good job of brainwashing people into believing that everything is Obama’s fault, to put it mildly and that blatent disrespect of the president has “trickled down”  into the hands of some in the old south.

For the Republicans, it was a slap in their faces when poor people along with a few “true” Democrats voted a black man into the White House, and for that, the poor are now forced to make bricks without straw. No minimum wage hikes, no job programs, no affordable housing, and the GOP’s determination to gut the Affordable Health Care Act affectionately known as “Obamacare.” If by chance the law is overturned, and I for one don’t see that happening, imagine the millions who would lose their healthcare instantly. Sick children and the elderly with pre-existing conditions would have their lives shortened because the Republicans want to spite Mr. Obama. They try to disguise it with talk of unconstitutionality but we all no the real reason behind their dog determination to repeal the healthcare law don’t we? And to cover all the bases, they have enlisted the help of the bought and paid for Supreme Court to see if the subsidies granted the poor and middle class to help them pay for their healthcare premiums is legal. If people are getting needed treatments, why would you interfere with that if you were so concerned about the American people, again, we know why.

This is a true battle of good versus evil but to better understand it look at it as rich versus poor and unless we make a change, we will always be poor, because change requires the voice of the people. If we do not get out and vote, we will lose this battle, and if we do, we can only blame ourselves for letting this country fall into the hands of the almighty rich and the bigots. As for the governor of South Carolina wanting to take down the Confederate flag from the grounds of the statehouse, I say let it stay. That flag may have stood for a lot of things but it was held in the hands of men who fought and died for what they believed in and that makes them honorable gentlemen of the south. They may have lost the war but they are heroes in the hearts of generations and it is their legacy and no one misguided individual should be able to strip that away from them.