Processed Red Meat; The New Health Threat

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Well if you are the type of person who just enjoyed the outdoor summer life, it included doing plenty of family activities which include grilling meat. It’s been done since cave men first learned to make fire millions of years ago and decided that that chewy Brontosaurus meat got a little more tender when beaten with a rock and burned on a stick. Now that most of the country has finished their summer fun, comes word that eating red meat, particularly processed red meats can make you more susceptible for getting cancer. Talk about raining on the country’s parade. They say that eating lots of red meat puts you in the same boat as the pack-a-day cigarette smoker. Processed red meat has been a mainstay of our diets for years and we all have eaten “mass quantities” over our lifetime, and now we find out that we may have to eat more chicken and fish to stay healthy and pass on that steak.

All red meat is processed, and some processed more than others so how do we as a consumer determine what is the safest of these lethal meats? And what do we say to all those people who gave up smoking tobacco only to find out that the red meat they’re eating is just as deadly. All the health gains they thought they were going to enjoy has just been challenged by constantly eating hormone infused red meat. Naturally the National Beef Association is up in arms about the whole outcome of this “so-called” scientific study. Seems to me that it now leaves the consumer stuck in the middle with that old question, to eat, or not to eat. There is going to be a vast number of people who will now stay away from red meat religiously, and some who will say it’s too late to stop now. Grilling meat also brings into play how we grill these deadly meats. In an attempt at damage control the meat industry has agreed with the recommendation that we refrain from using charcoal when cooking red meats outdoors, and instead use propane.  Score one for Hank Hill.

Charcoal has been used for cooking for so long, we forget that it’s “coal”, which when burned is the dirtiest form of pollution in our atmosphere and we coat the coals with “lighter fluid” and ignite the whole shebang without a second thought about the chemicals flowing into the meat. Turns out that the smokey flavor we love so well doesn’t love us. Those smoke vapors, chemicals, ooze their way into the meat and we have learned to love that “smoked” flavor. In fact, there have been many a feud over whether charcoal is better than propane gas as far as taste goes. So to sum all this up, we are now suppose to eat red processed meat in moderation if at all, and choose chicken and fish when at all possible. How safe is chicken? Every year we hear about chickens raised with powerful antibiotics that make the consumer vulnerable to hard to kill forms of bacteria. Not to mention the high risk of salmonella poisoning which could kill you quicker than red meat. Eating more fish is a crap shoot also and while it may be a good health food, our waters are becoming more and more polluted with chemicals that in turn pollute the fish we eat. It’s a “catch 22”.

Does this mean that we will start seeing warning labels on T-bone steaks? Probably not, the cattle barons in Texas won’t let that happen, but as consumers, we have some choices to make. There may come a day in the future where you may be asking the question that grandma asked in those old Wendy’s commercials, {“Where‘s the beef?”}



When The Laughter Stops

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Robin Williams death by his own hands tells us all that we fight a constant ongoing emotional battle within ourselves that no one can see. He was one of the funniest men in the world and like everybody else, I was shocked. He was suffering from a rare form of dementia and was slowly  losing his mind and that’s the reason he chose to go out on his own terms. Some say that he shouldn’t have  taken his own life but I say this, he gave us all his heart and soul in everything he did and we should be honored to have enjoyed his genius. We should also support his wish to die with dignity as we owe him that much. The tears of a clown, no one see’s them except the lonely mirrors on the wall, and when the clown dies, everyone just can’t seem to figure out why. “He had all the fame and money one could ever want, and at the red carpet parties, he had everyone in stiches with his humor, how could he take his own life?” If you do some research, you will find that comedians are similar to a light bulb in that they shine their brightest before the light goes out. There is always an underlying cause to their meltdowns, one which shows its ugly face when the curtain comes down and the show is over. Then booze, pills, cocaine, and heroin become the cheering sections.

The struggle to reach the top is pressure enough for an up and coming young comic, but to do it with emotional issues combined with drug abuse, and the task of trying to live sober everyday becomes a monumental challenge because the truth is, reality bites. We have all enjoyed the “Not Ready For Primetime Players” better known as the players of “Saturday Night Live”, and a lot of now famous comic movie stars cut their teeth on SNL such as Chevy Chase and Eddie Murphy and they made the transition from television to movies with great success. But sadly there were those who met tragic deaths after making it big. Some believe that there was some kind of a curse on the duly departed former comic players of the still popular variety show. A curse is a little bit far-fetched, but the show has had its fair share of alumni deaths which only confirms the non-scientific study that being funny on the outside sometimes hides a slow death on the inside. If you want to call finally making it to the world of notiriety and fame a curse you may be right in a round about way. With fame comes fortune, more money, more toys, and sadly better drugs.

John Belushi was one of the founding members of the NRFPTP’s and was a very funny stand-up comic who’s breakout role in the movie “Animal House” earned him the popularity he so yearned. After bringing a Saturday Night skit, “The Blues Brothers” to the big screen, he became even more popular. With popularity comes more money and more drugs. He ovedosed doing what is known as “speed-balls”, a lethal mix of heroin and cocaine, and he was only 33 years old. When John was doing SNL he was admired by a young comic who wanted to be just like him. Chris Farley was the comic who took the spot John had left open on SNL and he too became a success and graduated to the movies also with his breakout hit “Black Sheep”. And as if following a tragic script, Chris Farley was also found dead from the same mix of cocaine and heroin. He was also 33. You could say that they found fame and fortune but realized that it didn’t equate to happiness, and the demons that chased them through life only got bigger and required more “medicine” to escape.

The art of self medication to battle the hidden demons within is a long and time tested failure. When inner peace is still not within reach increasing the dosage is an easy choice. But the effort to stop the inner pain also means throwing away all fail-safes. It requires a delicate balancing act between life and death on the edge of a razor blade. Cocaine seems to be the drug of choice to start with, but after a while it is decided that something more is needed. Mix it with heroin and the pain is cloaked a little longer but the side effect is that the pleasure centers of the brain is very fond of this new sensation and you are obliged to provide more.  And when you’re alone with no one there to regulate your drug intake, you hold your life in your own hands. If you’ve ever noticed, most of the people who die of overdoses are always alone when they’re found.

After all the news stories and the well documented deaths of famous people there are those who are still infected with the dreaded “not me” disease and they continue to overdose and join the ranks of the here today gone tomorrow crowd. Heroin deaths among the not so famous has increased by leaps and bounds and now we realize that being rich and famous is no barrier to the demons that lurk inside, demons that are so powerful they can make you funny on the outside, while they’re killing your soul on the inside.



The Definition Of True Friendship

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We define a friend as someone we can count on to pick us up when our spirits are lower than a snake’s belt buckle. They are your confidant, the person to keep you grounded, the person who is full of phrase when you need it. But did you know that the friendships that women have with other women is different than that of their male counterparts? We are all aware of the “buddy” movies with the likes of Newman and Redford, Danny Glover and Mel Gibson, and Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin which is sort of a platonic love story of male bonding and true friendship. But Lillian B. Rubin, Ph.D., a researcher at the Institute for the Study of Social Change at the University of California in Berkeley says it’s women friendships, not men’s that ought to be center stage in the movies.

After interviewing 300 men and women about relationships Dr. Rubin determined that “women at all stages of life have more intimate close, nurturing relationships than men do.” Some say that women’s ability to maintain close friendships may even be a contributing factor as to why women living alone live longer than men who live alone. That grumpy old man who lives alone down the street who never associates with anyone has a predicted life span of about 9 years according to two researchers who did a study in 1979. That determination was based in part on a study of 5,000 residents in California and the number of social ties they had. Social relationships are good for your health and some studies have concluded that social relationships has the ability to alter our body chemistry which could protect us from a host of diseases.

Friends are there to throw us a safety net when we feel like where going over the edge of life and they stand between us and loneliness. Is picking a true friend a science or just random chance? It is said that we gravitate toward people who have the same traits as we have or traits that we admire and wish to have. Friends should never be judgmental as we often find ourselves talking to friends about things that we dare not mention to family.They are the independent sounding board to pour your heart out to knowing that your secrets will be kept in the strictest confidence. That brings up the question can men and women truly be platonic friends? Research says yes, but it’s a different kind of friendship. With women, the definition of a friend is someone you can lay bare your innermost intimate thoughts. The hallmark of a women to women friendship is intimacy whereas you’d be hard pressed to find a man having an intimate platonic relationship with another man who’s not his partner.

In these changing times the subject of sexual attraction between same genders has been thrown into the mix and some feel that being that close to a friend that you truly admire could become a sticking point at some time during the friendship. In a study that was done, most men and women agreed that sex would ruin a friendship so acting on that type of feeling is taboo among real friends. Hearts become involved and that leads to the green-eyed monster known as jealousy emerging which is the beginning of the end. But above all else, in these times of social media it is very important that you take time out to actually spend some “face to face” time with your true friends because real friends are worth their weight in gold.



Doomsday Preppies; Getting Ready For The Worst

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Let’s say for a minute, the worst happens, and after all the talks and all the fail safes, a nuclear weapon is launched and explodes in the middle of the United States. Depending on the size of the bomb and the wind direction, as many as 25 states could be affected and possibly more. It’s a given that the water and food supply would be compromised and it would be an ongoing challenge for those who were not incinerated by the initial blast. In the late 50’s and early 60’s, there were what was known as designated fallout shelters around the country which were basically rooms in the basement of heavy concrete buildings. This was to protect people from radiation exsposure There was water stored in large barrels and food packaged like military rations in ready to eat pouches. With the ongoing paranoia over Iran acquiring nuclear weapons it has some people preparing for the worst. They call themselves “doomsday preppies.”

They are making safe rooms in their homes, building basement strongholds, and some have even buried large steel container trailers in their backyards for underground housing. They say that once disaster strikes, the required necessities will have to be obtained by trading for what you don’t have with those that were also fortunate to survive. More than likely there will be no FEMA to come to the rescue so the job of staying alive will present many obstacles. The air will be poisoned for quite sometime so some have stockpiled oxygen tanks and some have even invested in experimental oxygen producing technologies similar to what’s on the International Space Station. Once a tragedy of this magnitude strikes, your money will be worthless. Your survival from that point will depend on what you have on hand at that moment. Preppies are stocking food pantries in their survival shelters, and there is even a company now that will sell you all the K-rations you can handle. They have a shelf life of “forever” and I hear that they taste pretty good. They had better taste good, since you could be eating them for a long time.

It’s funny how the same plant growing system that marijuana growers use to grow their plants indoors, could be the same type of set up you will have to use to grow your food. Grow lamps need power you might say, but the preppies have come up with ideas on that. Storage batteries. They have added additional spaces to their “bunkers” to house banks of batteries that they are charging from the wind and solar power that some have already operating on their property. They say that if and when the unthinkable happens, they should have enough electricity to power some creature comforts such as a radio, some sort of ventilation system, and of course,  grow lamps which will also provide some heat. Some people say the these people are overreacting to something that may never happen, but then again, if it happens are you prepared? The government tells us we should have a survival plan in place already for emergencies, so maybe we should stockpile a few more cans of food, a can opener, and some water just to be safe. Oh, might as well get some more batteries, a radio, some RTE’s, ready to eat meals,  I wouldn’t call it overreacting but it couldn’t hurt could it?

Are You Experienced? The Legend Of Jimi Hendrix Lives On

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“Music is my religion. When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. Excuse me while I kiss the sky.” Is this the rant of a drug fueled musician or the words of a prophet? Which ever you prefer there is no denying the fact that the statement rings loud and true. James Marshall “Jimi” Hendrix was born on November 27, 1942 and gave no warning that he was about to change the way we listen to music and placed his brick at the foundation of what was to become psychedelic music.

After a short stint in the Army as a paratrooper, he was given a medical discharge because of a bad back and started working studio gigs and road shows as a guitarist with groups such as the Isley Brothers. But one day he decided to go to England and join the multitude of rock and blues bands that were just starting to take over the charts in America. Before we knew it we were put under the spell of the Jimi Hendrix Experience. It wasn’t long before he was labeled one of the most influential guitar players of the 20th century and even greats like Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn acknowledged that they were amazed at his poetic song writing and space aged guitar licks that demanded that you have a black-lite and a lava lamp and your favorite “bong” to join the masses in Electric Ladyland.

In 1969, at the peace, love, and music venue known as Woodstock the crowd was awakened on the second morning to the sound of Jimi Hendrix’s four minute, four second version of The Star Spangled Banner, considered one of the highlights of the mega event. Sadly the music ended for the guitar superstar on September 18, 1970 when he died after a heroin binge caused him to choke on his own vomit. Who’s to say why music greats decide to live their lives fast and furious and then crash and burn at such a young age. Jimi Hendrix made history in the four short years of fame that made him bigger than life and at 28 years old it was over. The list of musical talent gone too soon is long and distinguished and tells a story that all is not glitter and gold and fame does not equate peace and tranquility. One of Jimi Hendrix’s most famous lyrics was “See you in the next world and don’t be late.”

New America, A Country Divided

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Welcome to a “New America” where some police shoot suspects first and ask questions later, and where now because of that,  police are getting ambushed and killed in a flurry of unwarranted retaliations. A bad few shouldn’t be considered a representation of all police officers and public opinion should never lead to murder.  New America, where it’s not safe to study the Bible in a church, a place that has long been identified as a sanctuary, because  people are now being murdered in a house of worship. That unspeakable crime has led to the outlawing of the southerners beloved “stars and bars” flag which has led to more racial violence and has started a rip in the fabric of America that could tear this country apart. Banning the confederate flag has started the pot of discontent to boil in the south, and is an underlying motivation for some who wish to become president. We in this New America have modified Bible sayings and the Constitution in the name of present day evolutions that demanded immediate change. For 6,000 years marriage was defined in the Bible as a union between a man and a women, but now that statement is no longer true. There are those, more now than in any other time, who are convinced that the Bible is little more than  glorified fabels. What we do know is that the Bible was written without the author(s) vision of the probabilities of mankind’s future discoveries choosing instead to believe that we would follow the teachings of God’s law without question and would evolve at a snails pace.

The unrest in the world is self evident and a lot of religious orders are starting to question if we have set ourselves on a path to a rapid non-existence by drifting farther and farther away from the teachings in the Bible. As time ticks by and technology become more commonplace, we are starting to dissect the Bible stories looking for inaccuracies or scientific facts to reinforce our choices to wade into sin. We as a people have a hard time seeing that which is right in front of us. You don’t have to be a religious fanatic to see the world turning upside down and spinning a little faster. Even the youngest of children know that we have poisoned our air and that the drinking water will one day run out if we don’t do something to address the problem. Grade school children study climate change everyday and everywhere and have a better understanding than most of our shortcommings as planet caretakers. American politicians love to talk about the national debt being out of control and how their children will have to carry that burden into the future, but there will be no future if we don’t pitch in to stop the destruction of Earth right now. But in New America there is no global warming only rumors.

America is quickly becoming a country divided and right now there seems to be a presidential candidate for every diverse American agenda. You don’t go along with same-sex marriages, there’s a candidate who will address your concerns except you’ll have to attend a clandestine fundraiser where that issue can be discussed without the public finding out because going against or speaking negatively about legalizing same-sex marriages would be a death wish for any candidate right now. Don’t care too much for Obamacare? There’s 16 GOP candidates ready to cut 7 million people off healthcare for you. Those same16 Republican and Tea Party candidates are getting on their soap box and telling everyone who will listen that America went to hell when Obama was elected. Gays getting married, healthcare for everybody, demands for higher wages, peaceful resolutions to war, rounding up war criminals, how dare he let this happen in “our” America. They have vowed to overturn everything he did if we would just let them back into the White House. There’s only two things wrong with that, first the majority like the things that Barack Obama has accomplished, and second, the GOP have a bigger fish to fry called Donald Trump, the “great white hope”.

We wanted change and we got change, good for most, bad for some, but the question to ask is did we adopt the changes too fast? Did we give birth to radical change prematurly? Who can honestly say, only time will tell, all we can really say is that we can either learn to embrace the recent changes in our evolution or stay at each others throats until the end of time.





Automatic Credit Card Payments; Ripe For Abuse

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We hear about it everyday, someone has his or her credit card hacked and in an instant that persons hard earned cash is whisked away to some unknown location never to be seen again. We are warned about being aware of your surroundings when we use our credit cards at malls, department stores, and fast food joints, yet after all these warnings, we throw caution to the wind when we succumb to the almighty infomercials that pitch their wares on the all night television stage where the pidgeons are a dime a dozen.

What makes falling for these televised scams risky is that most of them know just how to make you take your credit card out and turn your number over to them  and they in turn turn it into the gift that keeps on giving….to them.  Auto billing credit cards seems to be silently making its way into your finances and what makes it so notorious is the fact that you agree to it nine times out of ten when you send away for that free item with you only paying for the shipping and handling for the first one. If it’s a health supplement that requires you to purchase a bottle every thirty days or so, they will automatically refill your order and bill your credit card like clockwork. While most of us buy things online all the time, it’s mostly a solitary item, pick it, pay for it, and the transaction is complete. The sites are usually secure and if we have a problem with the item, we just return it and our money is refunded back to our credit cards. But if you purchase any service that has to be done every month or so, most companies want to be able to charge your card automatically every month. Companies call it a convenience to you but what it really is is a way for them to have an incoming, never ending, uninterupted  cash flow.

I myself was quite privileged to be a victim myself of what I call flim-flam 2.O. Watching a late night infomercial for a particular health supplement, one which I shall not disclose at this time, it seemed to have all the answers to the health questions I was asking myself. And the gift of the free bottle less shipping and handling was a clincher. While filling out the order form online I failed to read the disclaimer which stated that your order will be automatically renewed every month until the end of time whether you want the product or not and we will bill your credit card every month whether you have the money or not. If there is one thing that needs some attention in order to protect the consumer is the size of the print in the disclaimer, in print and on television. Since I was dissatisfied with the results of the product, and not wanting my credit card charged every month I proceeded to void the whole transaction which just about took an act of God. Lesson learned, get out the magnifying glass and always read the disclaimer. They show you the disclaimer on television commercials, but there is no way you can read it in the 2 seconds they give you.

This auto billing trend is becoming a common practice, one which basically puts your credit card information in the hands of strangers  My advise is not to agree to auto billing, and if a company says that is the way they do business, then I would decline their generous offers of free products because in my experiences, there is nothing free, and if you deal with a bad company who has your credit card number you may wind up paying a whole lot for a little of nothing.

Mars One; Are We Ready For This?

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Earth, our home for the time being, and out of all the planets in the Milky Way galaxy, this planet provided the right combination of oxygen, water and atmosphere for single-celled organisms to evolve into the bi-pedal creatures called human beings. There are a confirmed 989 “exoplanets” in this galaxy so the fact that we are on one that was “tailor-made” for us is mind boggling. But yet we keep a constant look out for a planet that could possibly contain life or at least contained life in the past. The newly found Kepler 452B, 1400 light years away seems to have all the qualifications of a planet resembling ours but is there life out there?

Sure, we want to know if we are the only species in this galaxy, or space in general for that matter. Something tells me that we can’t be. And if we are not alone, I believe whatever is out there is not to be disturbed by us. Maybe there’s a reason that all the planets that we have discovered so far have harsh environments. The galactic version of “do not disturb signs”. What may seem harsh to us could be paradise to another species and could be the buffer that keeps us seperated. We are just about to launch a colony of space travelers to the planet Mars in 2023 to set up house keeping, and they won’t be coming back. The dream of a Dutch entrepreneur Mars One, as the mission is being dubbed, plans to launch “colonist” to the red planet where they will attempt to lay a foundation for the future.  Are we actually ready for such an endeavor? The plan is an aggressive one for sure, and one where there is bound to be a loss of life. Some believe that such a mission is already doomed and say that all the people will be dead in 68 days. The reasons given vary but it is believed that the lack of food and water will be their downfall. But that hasn’t seemed to discourage the 100 finalist who are in the pool to become the first known Martians. The field will be widdled down to 24 by launch time and the space vessel that will make this 7 month journey will be assembled in space. We have already spent billions of dollars studying the red planet which has been the topic of countless discussions and unbridled theories every since H. G. Wells unleashed his 1898 thriller, “The War Of The Worlds”.  Curiosity is still a strong motivator and man will not be satisfied until there’s “boots on the ground.”

Should we invest billions more and possible lost of lives to go to a planet that has shown no signicant signs of current or past life? Even if the colony of “Martians” are able to establish the colony how long is it going to take to make it a satisfactory way of life? As a human colony there will no doubt be births to balance out the deaths and those born on the red planet will be born in an artificial atmosphere of man made oxygen in heavy gravity. The number of triumphs and tragedies will tell a chilling story after the first year on such an expedition and if it’s determined that the colony should be abandoned will we be ready to send a rescue mission to bring them back?

NASA, who is on board with the program, has the right idea about establishing a colony in space, but do we have to travel that far when there’s an alternative and safer solution. Why not go back to the moon and start there. All the things that needs to be tested for long space flights can be done on the moon, and a three day rescue trip is a lot cheaper than a seven month trip to Mars. Not to mention you could get a supply ship to the moon colonist and even swap out crews if need be. I think a moon base would be just the dry run needed before we go outside the neighborhood.

Suspended Animation; Hitting The “Pause” Button

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You have been just diagnosed with a terminal illness and there is no known cure at this time so what’s next? No worries mate for we are just about to cross the thresh-hold into the world of suspended animation. Say your good-byes to family and friends and make your reservation to be frozen in time until a cure is found. In the mean- time, visitors can visit your motionless body while it lies in a clear cryogenic viewing tube. But they will die of old age, and you, you’ll still be looking fresh as a daisy instead of pushing them up. The concept of putting people on ice goes a lot farther back than you might think. Let’s jump into the way-back machine and see when man first thought of people freezing.

Way back in the fourth century Hippocrates thought of using cold water to treat a variety of ailments including hemorrhages, and when Napoleon invaded Russia in 1812, snow was used to numb limbs that had to be amputated during battle. Recently a young man hitched a ride on an Hawaiian Airlines jet by stowing away in one of the planes wheel wells. He survived a 3 hour flight in subzero temperatures and no oxygen flying at 30,000 feet with no ill effects. Apparently his body had adapted to the cold temperatures and thin air. Now emergency prevention and resuscitation (EPR), also known in simple terms as suspended animation, is in clinical trials for the very first time with humans. The plan is to perform EPR on 10 trauma patients over the next two years.

This accomplishment could be both a blessing and a curse when you give it some rational thought. The cost I imagine would be prohibited for a lot of people who would like to save their loved ones but who lack the financial means. That means that only the wealthy would be able to buy immortality unless our politicians out of the goodness of their hearts pass legislation to assure all citizens a cost break to make it available to everyone. Which would mean a subsidy of some sort which some will be totally against which will mean a case before the Supreme Court etc. And then there’s the question of storage space and a competent guardian or a company to oversee the maintenance. The technology is here and it’s just a matter of time before it happens but first it’s probably going to be tested in the most harsh environment we know, outer space. Using the science of suspended animation, NASA and Space Works Enterprises are studying on how to induce a hypothermic state in the Mars bound settlers in 2023. It would save considerately on resources needed to make the six month one way journey. Once it becomes a successfully tested technology imagine the countless uses. But somehow someone will find a way to use it for unethical purposes like freezing criminals until they can be truly rehabilitated.



Brainwashing Cupid

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Love and heartache, it’s been a part of us since the beginning of time and even though we sometimes get hurt emotionally, we can’t live without love, and sometimes love can’t live without us. They like to say that a woman is a ball of emotions when it comes to love, but truth is, so is a man. No one has a roadmap to falling in love and we would like to think that we know what we want in a relationship, but I hate to tell you, your hormones are in control of a hodgepodge of chemical reactions that we have come to call “Cupid’s Arrow.”

The pain of heartbreaks in a relationship is something that has driven people to take their own lives believing that they couldn’t live without that special love. The majority of us have all been victims of a love gone bad that left us hanging on to a dream that turned into a nightmare. And the thing that always seem to hurt the most is the memories. Well what if you could take a pill and the memories would vanish? Do you know that scientist are trying to develop a pill to do just that. They know that the chemical “oxytocin” better known as the love hormone plays a powerful role in the bonding of a relationship and is just one of the parts of a biochemical cocktail that scientist have yet to really understand.

Now while inventing a pill to take away the pain of a relationship may seem like a noble thing, scientist want to manipulate oxytocin to turn it into an off and on button,  a sort of anti-love biotechnology. Brian Earp, an Oxford University neuroethicist seems to think this type of technology will be developed but its purpose is a little bit suspect. Mr. Earp says that any drug developed to suppress the feelings of another person should be closely monitored for the possibility of abuse because as he says, “There’s a long history of attempting to harness biomedicine to diminish same-sex sexuality.” That is something to worry about especially since over the years, people thought that if you fell in love with someone of the same gender, you had to be mentally ill. There are those who say that developing such a pill could be beneficial in treating child rapist and sex addicts. That in itself brings a whole new set of circumstances to the table in the form of civil rights violations

Maybe such research should be abandoned all together because as we have seen, no government entity or religious order has proven to be stronger than the arrows of Cupid. As we all well know, love does not discriminate, so we must learn to accept this change in our evolution and move forward because one thing is certain, chemical brain-washing is not the way.



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