A Miracle Or Just Luck?

Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe that the power of the mind can heal your body? Does it surprise you that 80 percent of Americans believe in miracles? The fact that this planet still exist is in itself a miracle. When the universe was formed this mass we call earth almost didn’t make the cut as a Goldilocks planet. That is a planet that’s not too hot or not too cold. The habitable zone in space in which we live is a corridor from Venus to Mars. Venus is way too hot, and anything past Mars would be way too cold. So the Earth was molded and placed in a part of space suitable for a carbon based bi-pedaled species, us, to exist. A narrow band width you might say. That was a little more than 3.5 billion years ago. Picture a pool table with the balls racked and ready to be distributed with the strike of the cue ball, the “big bang.”

Planets rolling around a universal pool table randomly striking other planets and being diverted in all directions. Since this planet didn’t have a name at that time, I will refer to this mass as Planet 3. For Planet 3 to land in the goldilocks corridor it took a culmination of numerous miracles when the planets were formed. Not only did Planet 3 land in the perfect spot, it also brought along it’s own moon which stabilized the planet. How did the oceans form on this planet that was once a molten ball of lava? Water was transported to this planet by the vast number of frozen and ice covered asteroids that struck the newly born planet while it was still warm. The frozen rocks cooled the planet and the water remained. Evidence of these impacts are deep in the depths of the oceans where man can not go, the place I would call the actual final frontier.

Was it a miracle that the dinosaurs ruled this planet for 150 million years before a giant rock from space hit the planet off the coast of Mexico to make room for us? Was it a miracle that the first living organism on this planet was a extremophile adaptable bacteria, and did you know that that same type of bacteria could now eliminate all life on this planet? Our lives are connected to numerous miracles and our adaptability to changing conditions is well documented throughout history. But along with miracles comes fate and the programs that’s run this “matrix” and some one could hit “delete” and it would all be over in an instant. What’s the difference between luck and a miracle? You cross your fingers for luck, but you pray for a miracle and since atheist don’t believe in God do they count on luck? You can go into any hospital and you will find a family praying for a miracle to save a loved one. They do not pray for luck, they pray for a miracle which means they put their faith in something spiritually bigger than this planet has to offer.

To try and separate miracles from what some of us know as God’s calling is something I feel that can’t be done. If you feel otherwise that means you believe in luck but for me, given a choice, I would rather pray for a miracle, if it’s all the same to you.

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