Obey The Police Now, And Complain Later

Photo courtesy of stateofglobe.com 

by Dennis Townsend

It seems to me that some people just don’t get the big picture when it comes to the proper way to interact with police officers because common citizens are still being shot dead first and the “how comes” being asked afterwards. Have you ever noticed when you’re watching police being overly-aggressive on camera, the first thing I notice is how many times they “dribble” the persons head off the pavement while shouting, “stop resisting!!” When you make a sudden move while being handcuffed, it qualifies as “resisting arrest”, which in turn gives the officer the go ahead to give you one or two lumps on the head if you’re lucky, a coffin if you’re not. You would probably expect a stupid move from a real life “desperado”, but we are talking about normal Jane’s and Joe’s who make a bad decision due to being either drunk, hopped up on some narcotic, or they could be just your normal psychopathic delusional individual having a bad day that got worse once they saw the red and blue flashing lights in the mirror. Whatever the reason, you should remember one thing, police are human beings first, and as such, each has his or her own individual level of courage. Only those who have been under fire with the possibility of losing their lives really know what goes on inside the mind when in danger, but it’s been said that our subconscious kicks into preservation mode and our body reacts accordingly.

Back in the late 60’s there was civil unrest through out the land also, and police shootings were commonplace and it got to be a street saying that labeled the police as “trigger happy”. Today, that label seems to be coming back, and you can use the same definition, and it’s become even more likely that a knee-jerk stupid reaction when dealing with a law enforcement officer will result in you getting to the next world sooner than later. You must comply to whatever he or she ask you to do, not argue and become belligerent and confrontational. Some seem to think that they can win an argument with a police person even when they are clearly in the wrong. Never going to happen. What I find really disturbing is the number of people who seem to think that they can outrun a police car. There are hundreds of innocent people who are killed in high speed police chases every year because someone thinks he can elude a high speed county cruiser with officer Roscoe P. Coltrane in hot pursuit. You may outrun the car, but you will never outrun that radio, or a bullet.

These are troubling times in our nation and law enforcement is on high alert and on edge, and with the recent wave of police ambushes one can’t really blame them for being overly cautious. That’s why it is so important that when you have to interact with the police, always comply with their demands. Even if you think they are wrong and can prove it, wait to make your concerns known after you get to a court of law. Proving they were wrong and you were right is a whole lot easier when you are still breathing.


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