Trump vs Clinton vs What’s Left Of America

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Well the elections are right around the corner and to hear the news programs, it’s neck and neck between Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton. Over the past months all we have heard is that we couldn’t trust Hillary and the main spokesperson for those accusations is the Donald himself. But yet there has been countless stories of Trump and the Russian Mafia, along with money laundering, and shady business dealings. He’s starting to make Al Capone look like a choir boy. He uses his charity collections to pay his lawyers to fend off all the lawsuits that have resulted from the destruction of hundreds of small businesses he crushed on his way to the top. Now you must admit, anybody who wants to make someone like Donald Trump president of the United States is truly in a class all by themselves. While Hillary was pretty blunt, I would be untruthful if I said that I disagreed with her definition of Trump supporters.

Trump talks pretty big about bringing jobs back to America but he would lose his fortune since mostly all of his business dealings are done overseas. His clothing line alone is responsible for the decline in textile manufacturing in this country in favor of the cheap sweatshop labor in places like China and Bangladesh which just had another deadly accident at one of their clothing mills. And while each candidate promises that they will do this or do that, the plain truth is that neither will be able to do a thing without bipartisan support. And we all know how that will go don’t we? What I find hilarious is watching Donald Trump going through the African American neighborhoods and churches promising forty acres and a mule if you vote for him. He is a real piece of work who totally believes there’s a “sucker born every minute”. And need I say that nobody on that side of the fence is putting any pressure on Trump to get a peek at his tax returns. That alone tells me that there is a whole lot of money washing in Republican closets. If you press Donald he will start singing like the Temptations because they all know his mouth is a deadly weapon and you know what they say about “loose lips”. And we all can agree that Donald Trump has the loosest lips on the planet.

As for Hillary, there’s just a lot of people who don’t want a women president. That song and dance about “trust” is irrelevant. Republicans are having a hard time accepting that somebody can match them dollar for dollar in their little game of king of the hill. Some will never admit that they are sickened by Donald Trumps antics but what are they to do? The ones who refuse to support Trump will look wise when and if Trump loses. Those who supported him will be defined as fools. Republicans have just declared that the Obama administration was stepping out of bounds when they declared that everyone making less than $47,000 must be paid overtime, so they have filed a lawsuit to stop it. That combined with their blockage of raising the minimum wage proves that their pledge of prosperity for all is not a GOP priority. If trust is the qualifier for this election then both candidates should be equally scrutinized, and if Trump doesn’t release his tax returns before the election, he should be disqualified.