Mother Earth: Her Fate Is In Our Hands…..For Now by Dennis Townsend

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So you say there is no global warming, or you’ve been listening to some scientist who works for big money corporations saying there’s no definite proof that climate change is terminal, and we are all just a group of chicken little’s with wild imaginations. But it’s kind of hard to ignore certain weather phenomenon’s around the world such as snow in places that has never seen any, or droughts where there use to be plenty of water. Winters in some places have become brutally harsh, and in some deserts, the temperature has hit and stayed at 125 degrees for days on end. Yet we continue to poison our atmosphere with fossil fuels destroying the ozone layer, our only shield from the suns deadly rays. The Earth, our only place to live in this galaxy, is under siege, and even though she cries out warning after warning, we still have only scratched the service of reversing the damage that we have already done.

The Earth will not be here 5 billion years from now according to some scientist, and the way we take care of her, we will destroy the planet long before its time. We are writing our own epitaphs each day we do nothing about the destruction of Earth by those who desire only profit. The shortage of clean drinking water is beginning to be a big problem in civilized populations, and state governments are falling down on the jobs when it comes to taking care of the residents well being. The future is holding a place for the wars that will take place over clean drinking water. In our measly efforts to save this planet, we have the best help we can get, the Earth herself. She will reclaim the land on this planet whether we like it or not by the simple fact that we cannot control the true master of this planet, the weather. Everything on this planet that’s man made can be destroyed by the weather. Around America there are countless brick and steel abandoned factories that are being reclaimed by nature. Nature has many weapons in it’s arsenal in which to reclaim that which is hers, and even though man is technically advanced, nature is relentless.

While you may think that fire is a devastating form of destruction, it is water that holds the real power. It’s been proven that old concrete and steel buildings are being demolished by nature herself.  Water gets into nooks and crannies of old concrete where it travels to the steel reinforcing, causing it to swell, breaking out of the concrete like the Hulk breaking out of a shirt, and the pieces fall off the building or falls to the next floor. If you’ve ever noticed old concrete buildings, you can see floors that have collapsed on top of the floors below. You can see bushes and small trees growing on the rooftops of six story vacant buildings, thriving.  All that’s needed is some soil, seedlings that blow freely on the winds, and water. Nature will then take hold and overwhelm a deserted build in a very short time with her second in command, weeds. You see examples of this in neighborhoods with abandoned houses. The overgrown weeds, and the foliage growing wildly is just nature taking back what’s hers, and when we die, we are even buried in the bosom of mother Earth. This is a living, breathing planet and we are just fleas on her back, and she will be here long after we’re gone. When the Earth shakes or when volcanoes erupt, the Earth is speaking, but the message is falling on deaf ears. How long can we continue to suck the life out of her before she becomes a dead planet? Dead as far as her being a place fit for human occupation, but physically, she will live on. The Earth has been here for 4.4 billion years, and humans have been here just over 200,000 years. Dinosaurs ruled for 150 million years, and out of all the species, humans have done the most damage to this planet in the shortest time. Somewhere somebody is telling the creator that maybe keeping the dinosaurs on Earth would have been the better choice.