Rachel Dolezal, Should It Matter That She’s White?

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It seems like everyday something new comes to light  and it’s gotten to the point that we are not surprised about anything in the news anymore. Now comes the tale of Rachel Dolezal, the president of the local chapter of the N.A.A.C.P. in Spokane, Washington who turns out to be a caucassion women disguised as an African-American. And now she has come under attack not only from the organization that she dedicated her life to, but her own family also. She resigned her position when the questions got too tough to answer but did say recently that she identified as “black”. And now the speculations are running wild as to why she would choose to do such a thing?  My question is, was her position a position that required her to be black, and second, what qualifications did she have to become president?

I know it’s the N.A.A.C.P., the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, but does it require that you be African-American to be a member of the board? True, she might have went about it the wrong way, but I see no bad intentions on her part. She feels her calling is to help African-Americans, and when she tried to do that by applying at the exclusively black Morehouse College, for a position in which she was denied, she felt it was because she was white. So she filed a lawsuit claiming discrimintion only to lose. My facts may be slightly off, since there will be twist and turns in this saga for quite some time, and new information will be changing daily. Does she have an identity crisis, only her hairdresser knows for sure, but she must have been doing her job well enough for her to become president. of her local chapter. Should her skin color change that? If African-Americans or anybody else for that matter thinks it does, then you are complaining about something “you’ve” been  crying about for a hundred years. Does a well qualified person become less qualified because of skin color?

Everybody is saying that they hope she gets the help she needs. Why, because she identifies as being black instead of white? Can’t we say the same thing about Bruce Jenner who decided that he identified as a woman. Do we not preach about the right to choose? Knowing all the drama and dispair African-Americans go through everyday, for someone to feel they belong on that ship of sorrows and is willing to go so far as to change their apperance so that they can belong is a person who’s very passionate about their cause. Would she have become president of her local chapter if her skills and education was the same but came out truthfully  as a white woman?

Prince Moses had heard that he was born a Hebrew slave, and after finding out that he was placed on the Nile River by his Hebrew mother to save his life he went down to the mud pits to observe “his” people doing the mud dance, stirring the mud in which to make bricks. He shed his golden armour and the jewled collar around his neck and the sandles on his feet and went into the pit of mud to do the dance with them. While he was raised in wealth, when it got right down to it, his heart was with the slaves. It does not matter what color your skin is or how you were raised, what matters is where your heart is, and I believe Rachel was where she wanted to be but knew she couldn’t get there being white. What a switch.


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