My Minimal Hoarding Life – Being Organized Paid Off

I do have to pat myself on the back!

I remember years ago when I had to look back for a contract to see if the warranty had ran out, that was an all day mess and I would get stressed out when I could not find it, this was really bad when I took over the books and running the roofing business.

Then the day came when I seen my first on T.V. hoarder, she was on the Oprah show back in the late 1980`s. That day changed my life. I knew I had to organize things.

I learned to put all my contracts in one place, all was assigned to their own folder by year. Problem solved, right?


Next came the part of where is those folders! I did not have a file cabinet I had a dresser drawer, or a box.

Now fast forward to 2016. I still do not keep a file cabinet but I know where things are now, because I organized a place for paperwork only.

I can pretty much get any document that I am asked for within thirty minutes. I still keep paper work by the year but I have also sorted it out to different places for different paper work. Some based on year.

I needed to find a deed and I came home and went straight to where I thought they were, since I have not needed one of the deeds since 2009, Yes! right were I assumed I put them. I not only had the deed I was searching for but I also had two of the previous owners deeds. I can use all of those for what I need the deed for today, since each one states the same fact year after year.

Now that I have most of my life organized, I can say that I have did a good thing and pat myself on the back 🙂 No more all day searching and not more stress.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry – felt free just to walk in and get what I needed.

10 thoughts on “My Minimal Hoarding Life – Being Organized Paid Off”

  1. That’s what I’m working on, organizing my household. It is going much slower than I thought it would but the boxes are slowly getting emptied and everything I need is finding its forever home.

  2. I have two filing cabinets and a green tib I store paperwork. I keep all receipts for the year in the tub. I mark it with the year and replace it each year. Store the tub for safe keeping.

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