Where Does a Seashell Come From?

by Crumpet

Mommy recently stayed home all day!  And most of the day, she sat on the floor near our bed!  It was great!  She kept throwing my toys while she worked on something.  But I got very curious about what she was doing. It smelled fascinating!  So different from anything I’ve ever smelled!  She was taking lots and lots of similar-smelling objects from a large box and putting them in water in a small tub. Then from the tub to a towel next to her.  The objects were all different sizes, shapes and shades.  I’ve never seen anything like them before.  I’ve never seen her or Daddy do anything like this before!

I stopped playing with my toys.  I watched, trying to understand. I listened to her words to try to figure out what these objects were called.  I went back and forth again and again from the large box to the tub trying to smell each


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