I Like Being Warm

Wally&Crumpet_Sunbeam in bedby Wally Bear

I like being warm.  I don’t like being cold.  I shiver when I’m cold.  I don’t understand why it happens, but we are at a time again when it’s really cold outside every day and our peoples usually get home after dark.  This time also means that we don’t go out on walks much or to the park often.  Why don’t they just make it warmer outside so we can go out again?  I don’t like this time very much, but Crumpet and I try to stay warm in the house. We like to sit in the sunbeam for some warmth, if there is one…usually in the kitchen.  If there is no sunbeam, my favorite place to sit is on the hard thing that Mommy calls the “vent.”  It’s not very comfortable, but it’s warm.  When their room is open, my favorite vent to lay on is the one under their bed. Crumpet doesn’t like to lay on the vents – I think they make her nervous. But she will lay next to them.  Lately, Mommy and Daddy have been mostly keeping our bed under the bench in the kitchen next to my other favorite vent, so it’s like our little warm cave!

Sometimes to stay warm, Crumpet and I will lay on top of each other, but sometimes Crumpet likes to curl up under the blankets by herself.  She’s very good at getting under the blankets to stay warm, but she usually pulls them off of me in the process.  I’m not as good at getting under the blankets by myself because I’m so cold!  I wait until Mommy usually comes to check on us and cover us both with a blanket.

My other favorite place to lay for warmth is Mommy’s lap when she’s sitting on the couch. I try to share with Crumpet because that’s her favorite place, but I have a long body and it’s hard to share Mommy’s lap sometimes.  The other day, Mommy brought a box downstairs and took a few warm sweatshirts out of it. None of them fit Crumpet even though she wanted one.  One of them sort-of fit me, but it was still a little big and kept coming off of me when I tried to walk!  I did like wearing it when I was laying in Mommy’s lap because I wasn’t moving and it kept me even warmer.

Wally_SnuggieOur favorite time to lay on Mommy’s lap is when she wears her snuggie!  We love the snuggie!  We’re not allowed on the couch unless we’re invited onto a lap but sometimes Mommy will lay the snuggie on the couch next to her and let us lay there between her and Daddy.  It’s so comfortable – I wish they’d let us sleep there.  One day, I found the snuggie lying on the floor and I was happy to curl up somewhere warm for a little while. I don’t know if Mommy knew it was there or not, but she eventually found me and took a picture.  Sometimes when I look extra “cute,” Mommy will let me have extra privileges, and this must have been one of those times because she didn’t move me or take the snuggie away after she took the picture.

I can’t wait for it to be warmer outside so we can go outside a lot again!




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  1. December 10, 2014 at 11:09 pm

    Yes i agree . I also love being warm .

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