Did anyone watch the Tyson Fury vs. Klitschko fight? I watched it and as a fellow boxer i thought this fight was extremely boring to watch.  Both guys had little head movement and a lot of pulled punches. I felt this fight was fixed or Klitschko just did not feel like fighting anymore. He ended up losing his belt to much younger fury (25) while klitschko who is (40). This fight was extremely boring i felt like i was watching zombies fight.  Klitschko finally lost his belt.

have you ever watched a basketball game closely and realized some players do not look as tall as they are listed? It is true, the Nba greatly exaggerate players height. Most players are added a good inch or more, and some even wear shoe lifts. Dwight Howard is only 6’8” in real life but the nba list him as 6’11”. Carmelo Anthony is listed at 6’8” But he stands only a tad bit taller than Kobe Bryant who is 6’6”, even that is a lie he is 6’4”. Kevin LOve is listed as 6’10” but i have seen him, he is maybe 6’8” tops me and him look the same height. When i played in high school and college i stood little over 6’6” in my shoes i was close to 6’8”, but my coaches put me as a 6’9” center. I have links if you are interested in learning […]

NBA centers are soft. Today the big men in the nba are soft would you agree? I remember growing up and watching guys like Hakeem Olajuwon, David Robinson, Shaquille O’neal, Patrick Ewing, the list goes on. In the 8o’s and 90’s i consider that the dominant era of the nba bigs. The had defense, post moves and some could run back and forth on the court, some bigs even had guard skills. I played the game myself (not pro) but even i was taught to move my feet, play defense rebound etc. The 80’s and 90’s were a lot more physical as of today you breath on somebody it is considered a foul. In this era of basketball there is a lot more complaining than anything. Big men back then would dominate the big men today guys like Dwight Howard who is 32 years old is considered the best center […]

The N.B. A. over the years has changed drastically, from being a physical sport to it becoming soft, would you agree? I remember in the 80’s and 90’s players were more willing to win and had passion for the game.  Guys like Michael Jordan, David Robinson, Patrick Ewing, Magic Johnson, the list goes on.  These players had passion for the game and the will to win unlike players today seem there only in it for the money. People may argue with me but i have seen it over and over again.  Big men back in the day actually moved there feet, played defense, set actual screens that would make you cringe in pain. I also had played basketball (not pro) but i still understand the game quite well. Most big men today can not run a simple pick n roll, they don’t know how to defend it, most of them […]

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