Holidays For May 2nd and 3rd.

May 2nd.
Melanoma Monday. A day to raise awareness and encourage people to be aware of skin cancer.
National Truffle Day. The first recipe for chocolate truffles was in the 1920s. There is now three main types, each a little different. But all have a type of creamy filling. You know how to celebrate this one.

May 3rd.
Childhood Depression Awareness Day. Always the first Tuesday of May.
Garden Meditation Day. Gardening can be a great way to meditate by concentrating on what you are doing only.
National Lumpy Rug Day. Celebrate by tossing out the lumpy one if you have one and getting a new one.
National Specially-abled Pets Day. This started in 2006 to encourage and help people understand that pets with disabilities can be good pets.
National Two Different Colored Shoes Day. A fun day when you can get by with wearing non matching shoes.
Paranormal Day. Visit a haunted house or watch a movie about unexplained things to celebrate.
Public Radio Day.
World Asthma Day. This is to help raise awareness of this breathing problem. From what I see on t.v. more people are getting it.
World Press Freedom Day. To raise awareness of the importance of freedom of the press.

We do have one food holiday in this group. Sadly it is one I dont like very much. So I had a klondike ice cream bar instead today. Todays, May 2nd, does not have very much. But I do hope most people can enjoy the truffles. Childhood depression is another one that seems to be on the rise for some reason. I hope they can learn why and help the children that suffer from it. Until next time I hope you can find at leat one holiday to enjoy celebrating. Remember on the third your shoes can be different colors.

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