what’s there to love

i gave it my all, in the best possible way i’d thought made her happy but alas, only tears is what i reaped out of it. she took advantage of my humility and calmness of my voice. i had to go beyond normalcy just to make her happy but it didn’t pay off. was i a fool in love or just my mind had encrypted the wrong meaning when i saw her daring unforgettable beauty at first sight?

child trafficking


In this modern world crippled with various atrocities, the resultant effect felt out of men’s ignorance, has become a villainous creature feared dearly by the most vulnerable beings of society. There is now manipulation of common sense and mental insanity has become a perfect replica for humility and decent humanity.


Children, crude gems that long await a lustrous glow when polished at the perfect moment, have often befallen victims of human trafficking. With the apex between the two sexes affected being feminine, young girls have been sexually exploited, turned into prostitutes and also made victims of domestic servile. Some have been made into drug traffickers and some into the sweet faces that charm the authorities in crime.


The red alarm of child trafficking wails mostly in the Asian states i.e. Vietnam, followed by Africa i.e. Nigeria, then the Caribbean and the Pacific to some parts of Europe. Most of the trafficked victims range from nine years into their teens and some of them would have been transacted by their custodial relatives tired of basking under the rays of poverty, whilst some, would be the orphaned and vulnerable children living and working in the streets.


But for pieces of silver, shattered are a whole lot of possibilities, purpose and these children’s eyes that gaze into the glistening realms of the future.

The eradication of the egocentric mind and the blossoming of the philanthropic rose amongst mankind, will carve a symbol that marks betterment in the livelihood of children. But then, reality stands out that the seed of evilness has buttressed upon hearts of a large populace shivering from a human trafficking obsession, thus stringent measures to clip the wings of child trafficking should be put to full throttle. We’ve got organizations like the NSPCC that advocate for the total deadening of child cruelty and through its Child Trafficking Advice Center (CTAC); it provides information and advice to any professional working with children or young people who may have been trafficked into the United Kingdom.


Organizations like UNICEF work with development partners, state governments and various non-governmental organizations on all aspects of anti-trafficking responses that are: prevention, protection, and prosecution. It even supports evidence based research to strengthen interventions.


In order to reduce vulnerabilities that make children susceptible to trafficking, UNICEF even assists governments in strengthening laws, policies and services including legislative reviews and reforms, establishing minimum labor standards, and supporting access to education. It also works with multi-cultured communities to change norms and practices that exacerbate children’s vulnerabilities to trafficking.


Since protecting trafficked children requires timely victim identification, placing them in a safe environment, providing them with social services, health care, psycho-social support and reintegration with family and community, UNICEF assists by supporting training of professionals working with children including social workers, health workers, police and border officials to effectively deal with trafficking.


Also in bid to curb and lame this creature called child trafficking, world governments have placed stiff and hefty penalties upon those prosecuted and found guilty of child trafficking.

A child is a child no matter if one is born in the elite or from an impoverished background thus all are equally entitled to basic human rights. Thus, poverty, hunger, lust or thirst for greed should never be gateway tickets for trafficking children.