From time to time, I may partner with companies who offer their product or a sample of their product in exchange for a thoroughly detailed, honest review. This blog is and will always be in compliance with the FTC guidelines.



All posts and reviews are my 100% honest opinions.I choose to write about products when I feel what I have to say/show can be of use to others. Some of the reviews featured at here are sponsored, and this will be stated in the review. In my reviews, I sometimes include affiliate links back to the company or the product being written about. If I adore, value and use a product regularly myself, I like to give credit there. If you click these links, I do not receive monetary compensation off them. If that changes, I will state so clearly in the page.

Furthermore, if you are a company who’s looking to have your product reviewed and my blog is of interest for that, then please do get in touch. I’m more than happy to work with companies. I’ve ran a product review blog (hosted elsewhere) for 4+ years that focuses on all sorts of products from health products to herbal supplements and even skincare, clothing, etc. Basically, anything you can think of has been reviewed at Ribbons & Pearls under the “Kendra’s Opinion” section. If you feel like that blog would be a better place to feature a review of your product, I’m happy to discuss that with you via email.

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