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OOTD and Ideas for Restyling T-Shirts With Crochet Lace

Happy Labor Day weekend, my few readers! I hope you all are having a great weekend so far.

Crochet As You Are typically focuses strictly on knitting and crochet topics, but since fashion/clothing/style is almost always the main topic, I’ve decided to stray just a smidgen from strictly knitting/crochet and include some fashion/style/clothing ideas and inspiration.

I hope you guys will be okay with this mini change, or even better, I hope this will bring even more interest and inspiration to more readers. I mean, it’s not like us knitting and crochet addicts only enjoy or wear or discuss crochet and knitting, right?

Okay, okay, 96% of a knitter/crocheter’s discussion topics are about the craft we’re so addicted to, but we simply can’t fill our closets with only yarn-made items.

Don’t get me wrong, if it were possible for every clothing item a knitter/crocheter owns to be made of a snugly soft yarn, we’d probably be all over it.

So Crochet As You Are will begin to focus just a little bit on fashion and inspiration more often.

As the first fashion, non-yarn-related photo ever to be posted here on Crochet As You Are, I would like to feature something similar to what many fashion bloggers call an “OOTD,” which stands for “Outfit Of The Day,” but with a twist — I’ll be sharing some ideas I’ve been pondering regarding the blouse in the OOTD that I plan to re-vamp using crochet!



I’ve been considering re-vamping the neckline of this blouse for a long time now. Of course, my idea includes incorporating my addiction to crochet. The blouse is nice and comfortable, but I rarely wear it because the elastic neckline is so huge and loose that it hangs open.

I’ve accumulated many ideas in this warped brain of mine as to what I could do, and I keep coming back to the idea of reconstructing it using a lovely crochet yoke of some type. I think it’d be beautiful if I could manage something like Irish lace. Little flowers crocheted in a light, cream colored thread and probably racer-back style. I could imagine that being a nice addition to this casual top.

In fact, since I’ve already managed to yack about it, I might as well show a photo that is similar to what I have in mind for the blouse you see in my outfit photos above:

*Shirt above is from Anthropologie and can be found here.

As for the rest of this OOTD (if you could even call it that,) here are more photos of the outfit along with earrings and the shoes.






By the way, the jewelry is all hand-made by me. The owl earrings and necklace are two of my favorite pieces. If you just so happen to be interested, these can be ordered from Laughing Flamingo.

Sandals 2015
Oh, and those awesome sandals? My precious love got them for me, and the store just so happened to offer a random discount, so instead of $30-something, I think they ended up costing like $15! I love a fabulous deal like that, and these sandals are total perfection. I adore the blingy sparkle and shine, and love that they transform an otherwise super casual outfit into something that looks more… glam and less flip-flops and t-shirt-y.

I shall run now. It’s 4AM and I’m ready to spend a few minutes knitting a pair of boot cuffs that I’m making to go in the store ( and I am on the verge of a great opportunity, I believe — the boot cuffs and jewelry I make just might be featured in a really awesome local store who may sell my line! Fingers crossed!)

Have a fantastic, fun Labor Day weekend everyone! Stay safe and do share your plans for the weekend! I love hearing from you guys.

So what are ya’ll going to be doing? Will you be celebrating Labor Day? If not, how are you going to spend your weekend? So far for us, we spent the evening with friends and my parents, twin sister, older sister, and nieces watching my nephew’s football game — okay, they watched the game and I knitted! LOL) and then we all came back to my parents’ for the night. Being that it’s 4AM now though, I’m the only one still awake.

As for tomorrow, I’ll be spending time with my nieces and nephews during the day today and then later we’ll (me and my very significant other, a couple friends, and family) will be celebrating — cooking hot dogs and S’mores over a fire.

Let me know how you plan to celebrate or not celebrate.
Be safe and have fun!

Crochet Lace

image lace

If you guys have been following my posts for long, then you may have spotted my last blog post where I had showed you my latest crochet project… If you did happen to see it, then I bet this crochet project in the photo above looks awfully familiar? That’s because the crochet lace trim/edge I had posted about last was so lovely that I could not stop! I seen too much potential in this design that I kept going — basically free-form crocheting each remaining row. The reason for this is the trusty ol’ inspiration struck again as I admired the finished trim/edging I’d crocheted.

I seen a skirt in that thin piece of trim. I seen a curtain for a small bathroom window. Most importantly, I seen the bottom portion of a bad a** peplum blouse! I know, it is kind of pathetic, but I am obsessed. I could not help myself, so I grabbed the hook and re-attached my thread and kept going, and going, and going. Kind of like I’m doing now as I type and can’t seem to shut up.

There’s something so elegant and classy about the peplum top. It’s so flattering! I know some of you despise them, and I can understand that, as I once thought they were somewhat unsightly too. But once I tried my first peplum style blouse on, I loved them forever. The bottom ruffle of a peplum top is just so darn feminine and the way it drapes is so beautiful on every body/frame that I can’t get enough of them. I’ve never seen a peplum shirt that I didn’t think looked beautiful on the wear-er.

Plus, the peplum top has a comfort similar to that of yoga pants. It looks so nice and put-together, yet the way the somewhat loose ruffled bottom drapes creates a flattering looseness that kind of conceals the shape of your mid-section’s frame. No, I’m not saying that’s a goal or something we should aim to do, as I don’t think we should “hide” our shape. There’s no reason to hide it, but sometimes it feels good and comfortable to wear something that is not form-fitting, or tight and uncomfortable. I like some room to move, and sit and a peplum top is like wearing a loose fitting t-shirt only it looks super classy and very put together. I like to top a pair of jeans or blue jean shorts with a pin-stripe peplum top I have that features a satin red ribbon belt that I tie in a bow at the side. It’s so easy, and creates an instant dressed-up look without actually having to try much.

So, there you have it. I’m a peplum fan, and now you know why. And now I’ve just ran out of my white crochet thread to finish (barely) the bottom peplum portion to this blouse I’ll be making. I so hate when I run out of thread (or yarn) before I’ve finished a project. This happens to me quite often. You may recall one of my last blog posts where I complained about this very thing! It was my niece’s dress, then. Now it’s my top.

The top portion will be tank top style, probably since I’ve yet to actually do sleeves except twice. I’ve never crocheted something from thread that had sleeves, either. It’s always a tank top. However, I do think I would like sleeves on this peplum top, but I never know exactly how a shirt will end up until I actually finish. I just go with whatever style and stitch comes to mind as I work. I usually have an idea of what I want in mind, but not completely, and the project often changes into something completely different from the time I begin! Obviously. I mean this was originally just an edging.

For the top half, I’ll probably use some combination of double crochet (like I did for the lace-y vest I crocheted and blogged about a few weeks ago) and whatever stitch comes to mind as I work it. I’m thinking of long, open stitches and some criss-cross stitches tossed in the mix, much like the double crochet cross-over stitch, which creates an awesome little “X” like design. For this top, though, I think I’d like the “X” stitches to be much longer than a double crochet cross over is. Perhaps I’ll use chains and attach them in a way that creates “X”‘s. I won’t want the entire top half to be totally see-through, though, so as always, I’ll be including multiple rows of double crochet.

The ‘design’ is stored in my mind. I have the vaguest image of it in my head, but hopefully when it begins to come alive, I’ll adore it. That was the case with the vest, anyways.

Since I still love the trim I’d originally made from this design, I’ll be making another (and leaving it at trim this time.. Hopefully). I had many ideas for that trim before it blossomed into the bottom of a peplum top!


In fact, there’s a t-shirt I just re-fashioned and had wanted to use this very trim on the bottom hem of it. 🙁 I will have to wait until I get more thread for that.

So, what do ya’ll think? Did you like the trim/edging better than turning this into a peplum? What do you think of peplum tops? Love or loate? And last but not least, what projects are you currently working on? I’d love to see pictures!

Project Crochet Giveaway — Or Why I’m Giving My Crochet Away




Hello everyone! How are you all? I hope everyone is well, and crocheting their hearts out like I have been.


I’ve been on a mission lately. A mission to… You guessed it! Give away my crocheted products! Why would I do such a thing, you ask? Well, for several reasons. Let me explain.


What is Project Crochet Giveaway?

I started Project Crochet Giveaway mostly because, like any crocheter (or other crafter), I love the work that goes into creating something, but I also want that something to be appreciated and used… and loved. Most people have family members and friends who are happy to have anything they make, but mine have not shown a great interest in just any item I crochet.


It’s been my deepest desire to have people using my items, and loving them, obviously. One of the main reasons I got into crochet was because I’ve always had an intense love for giving and helping others. I adore it. I live for it. So what better way than crochet?


My dreams have always been filled with giving to others. I’m not even kidding. I’ve brain-stormed billions of ways I could crochet useful things that would make people feel good, or warm or whatever.


To put it in a nut-shell:

Project Crochet Giveaway involves giving away crocheted items by leaving them at random in public places. I include a note for some added cheer, and obviously to let people know they can take the items.

I’ve crocheted a few handfuls of various fun little items, making sure to use something with versatility so that folks can use them any way they want. For instance, the flower and owl appliques I’ve made can be sewn on as appliques (sewn onto purses, clothing like t-shirts and baby onesies, or used as decor by slapping a magnet to the back and sticking it on the fridge, etc.)

Here are some of the other items I’ve used in Project Crochet Giveaway




Of course I hope to update to other items to giveaway instead of just flowers. At the moment, I have a handful of little owls and one small, stuffed bear I’m working on to add to the project! It’ll be small, but I figure a child (or adult!) may enjoy it. I’ll be leaving a hanging ribbon on his head so that he can be hung up (perhaps on a car mirror, if an adult wants him.)

What Else Inspired Me to Create Project Crochet Giveaway

Add to that, fellow crocheter and  blogger Jamie from Scissors and Steam who blogged about crocheting an adorable owl while on vacation where she left her owl as a gift to the next people who stayed in the cabin she was in.   And bam! The perfect way to give away my crochet was born. Okay, it didn’t go exactly like that, but eventually, the idea to simply leave the crochet items somewhere for others to pick up was inspired shortly after reading her post. That post of hers really struck me. I knew the minute I read about her doing that that something big had sparked inside of my giving heart. I knew it would somehow end up inspiring the ideas I’d desperately been hunting for for so long in my head regarding how the blasted he** could I make people take my crocheted products.

So, there you go. Project Crochet Giveaway is my new baby.


The Project/Challenge in Action:

The photo you see above is bad quality, but it captures the very first action of Project Crochet Giveaway. It was the first little giveaway and guess how I done it?

After tons of brainstorming ‘Where will I leave my items? Where is a place that people will feel comfortable taking the little products I leave?’ I came to one of, probably, the oddest ways possible: in the bathroom! As long as it isn’t packed, most people would feel comfortable taking something without feeling judged or anything.

So, I scrawled up a letter to my future takers. That’s what you see in my photos above. Of course it isn’t beautiful. It’s just a piece of notebook paper with a cute owl stamped at the top.


This is what the note says:


“Want me? Take me!

I was put here to make you smile, but if you don’t adore me, please leave me here for someone who will. 

You can sew me onto t-shirts, bags, other clothes, or just slap a magnet to my back and I’ll hang out on your fridge!”

And I figured it wouldn’t hurt to include my shop’s link just in case there might be some chance the receivers would like to see more items of mine. It’s a mini way to spread the word, locally about your shop, or in my case, hopefully get the word out that I crochet and would enjoy receiving requests from people if they wanted something. . .


“If you’d like to see more cute fellas like me, check us out online at our store Laughing Flamingo.” (except unlike the online world, in the real world, you can’t use text links! Lol. So I obviously wrote out the URL.)


*The notes vary from item to item.

How I do it

Basically, what I’ve done is crochet a bunch of different, small items like flower appliques in many colors. I tried opting for the bright, vibrant & happy colors because my main intentions for this project are to really bring a sense of joy and happiness to people. I want my little items to be the rainbow in someone’s storm. You know how you’ll be having a terrible day or something awful happens and it seems like the little good things come to meet you at that perfect time when you needed it most, the time when you were so down that having some random, little thing come to you seems to have been sent there just to brighten up your day. Just for you! Do those things ever happen to you guys? Can anyone relate? Or am I just a freak?

That feeling that you get when you weren’t feeling your best & someone reaches out and does something (minor even) that seems to put you in awe and gives you that rare, warm and fluttery feeling inside.Or perhaps it’s not a person, but something. Something happens during a moment you could use that something the most. A moment that causes you to appreciate that thing more than you otherwise would had you not been having such a ‘moment.’ For instance, you were just in an argument with your spouse and the day just feels like crap. The only thing that can ‘fix’ the crappiness is a good, hearty apology. Everything else about your day is quickly rolling down the rock-embedded hills because that’s just how these events happen. You’re late, then you lose something, etc. Domino effect, right?

Through your huffing and puffing, you happen to be digging through your purse for something (and of course since it’s a crappy day, you’ll obviously be digging forever and probably won’t even find the lip gloss or paper or receipt you needed) right before you break down, you pull out your… wedding band that you’d cried and panicked over for days because you just knew you’d left it in that hotel. You’d beat yourself up over losing your special ring forever. You probably even angrily visualized some crook with a crap-eating-grin on his face as he found the ring. Then, of course he went and pawned it because he’s a crook, and that’s just your luck. You’ll never get to have that beautiful, sentimental ring on your finger again & the pain will be there forever.


And what do you know? When you open your hand to see what that cold object was you grazed across at the bottom of your purse was. Your ring! The crook was kind enough to have tracked down its owner and secretly place it in her bag  after all!

What does that feel like? You know those kind of feelings? How some minor little thing just brings you a rare sense of joy, peace or happiness and it just completely turns your day around. Maybe even impacts you in such a memorable way that you’ll always cherish the memory and smile when you see something that brings the memory back to you.

That describes perfectly the kind of feelings I want to give to people. Those feelings are the whole reason Project Crochet Giveaway meant enough to me to start something like it.

I know. It’s small. It’s just a little flower made of yarn (good yarn, I might add!)  It’s not like I’m anonymously sending random folks a million dollars and a trip to Hawaii, right? It’s just a tiny thing that you may think is so minimal that people will walk past the taped-up flower and note & roll their eyes at it. They may even tear it off McDonald’s bathroom mirror, toss it in their purse just to end up throwing it in the trash next time they clean out their purse.

Maybe these items will mean nothing to anyone. The employees may even toss the items in the trash themselves, but it is what I can do. It’s the one thing I know how to do and so while I’m having fun with this on-going project, I’ll know that I’m at least taking action to contribute to just a little ounce of happiness in the world. It’s my intention that people will get to experience something good from my items.

Well, that’s enough of that! I think I’ve made my point.

So, will you guys be joining Project Crochet Giveaway challenge?

Are there any other crocheters out there who can relate to what I’ve said, and enjoy a challenge/project such as this? If so, what kind of ideas do you have? I can’t wait to hear about them! If you do decide to join me, I would love it if you shared your photos or experiences with me, too! Where are some places you’d leave yours?

I love wondering who will end up with my items each time I leave the place I’ve left them. It feels good to imagine what they’ll think when they see it. It’d be even lovelier to get to see the person’s face when they walk out with the item in their hands (or purse!)

So far, some of the places I’ve left my crochet love include: Public restroom mirrors (odd & possibly gross, I know, but hey. Why not?) Taped to trees in high-traffic areas, on the side of buildings where entrances are, doctor office waiting room, etc.

I’m considering other places and it’s a blast to go around and stick them up at different places in my area! Even better, the feeling of knowing there are a dozen random folks out there with one of your little crochet pieces is so fun.


I’ll update as I continue Project Crochet Giveaway.


If you join, please share with me! It would be awesome to see this happen all over the world. Just a fun way to make someone smile, and like I said, it’s been a blast using our imaginations and putting these up everywhere! B, my sweet boyfriend & I are doing it together, so if you’re up to it, have a friend to join with you! It’s so much fun that way.

Do you guys have any ideas of items that would be nice to crochet & giveaway? Of course flowers are loved by everyone, but aside from the owls and stuffed bear I mentioned, what ideas would you have?

Lots of love & I hope to see you guys having fun with this too!

Crochet Lace Blouse Free Tutorial (Intro and PT.1)

As you may know, I’ve been hard at work lately trying to construct a whole new blog with the focus of crochet — something I’ve picked up and loved! My latest project has been designing this beautiful lacey tank-top blouse, with the help of the very talented, lovely Girly from Girlie’s Crochet (thanks Girlie!) 


*Video PT.1 at bottom of this post*


*Note, if you’ve already began and are looking for the “Bust & Straps” portion of the tutorial, you can find that here. I made these separately because putting this post and that written part of the tutorial all in one post seemed overwhelming. Moving on.


While making the tutorial for this top, I’ve kept beginners (as I’m pretty much one myself still) in mind, so don’t be turned off by trying this one if you are new to crochet. Basically, all you need to know is how to double crochet, slip stitch, chain & cross-over double crochet and picot stitch. In the video, I took time to briefly show how those stitches are done. I’ve also created an entirely separate video tutorial on how to do the cross-over double crochet stitch, so my fellow beginners, I’ve got you covered! 


You also have the lovely Girly (from Girlie’s Crochet, which I’ve linked to above) who’s given us a free, photo tutorial on the majority of the top! She designed a skirt & I’ve used her exact same design to create the bottom portion of this blouse, so you can easily follow her pattern for the beginning length. I still suggest watching my Part 1 video on the blouse because that’s where you’ll learn what this design requires and all that important stuff.



Here is what the finished blouse/top looks like. In the photos I’ve added a belt and of course put a cami top underneath since this is see-through. 


Video Tutorial for Lace Crochet Blouse by Kendra:

Part two (the bust and straps) tutorial can be found here.

At the moment, the rest of the ‘series’ is being uploaded to YouTube and will soon be put here on the blog, too. If you need to access those videos before they’re posted here on the blog, you can find them on my channel.

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