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OOTD and Ideas for Restyling T-Shirts With Crochet Lace

Happy Labor Day weekend, my few readers! I hope you all are having a great weekend so far.

Crochet As You Are typically focuses strictly on knitting and crochet topics, but since fashion/clothing/style is almost always the main topic, I’ve decided to stray just a smidgen from strictly knitting/crochet and include some fashion/style/clothing ideas and inspiration.

I hope you guys will be okay with this mini change, or even better, I hope this will bring even more interest and inspiration to more readers. I mean, it’s not like us knitting and crochet addicts only enjoy or wear or discuss crochet and knitting, right?

Okay, okay, 96% of a knitter/crocheter’s discussion topics are about the craft we’re so addicted to, but we simply can’t fill our closets with only yarn-made items.

Don’t get me wrong, if it were possible for every clothing item a knitter/crocheter owns to be made of a snugly soft yarn, we’d probably be all over it.

So Crochet As You Are will begin to focus just a little bit on fashion and inspiration more often.

As the first fashion, non-yarn-related photo ever to be posted here on Crochet As You Are, I would like to feature something similar to what many fashion bloggers call an “OOTD,” which stands for “Outfit Of The Day,” but with a twist — I’ll be sharing some ideas I’ve been pondering regarding the blouse in the OOTD that I plan to re-vamp using crochet!



I’ve been considering re-vamping the neckline of this blouse for a long time now. Of course, my idea includes incorporating my addiction to crochet. The blouse is nice and comfortable, but I rarely wear it because the elastic neckline is so huge and loose that it hangs open.

I’ve accumulated many ideas in this warped brain of mine as to what I could do, and I keep coming back to the idea of reconstructing it using a lovely crochet yoke of some type. I think it’d be beautiful if I could manage something like Irish lace. Little flowers crocheted in a light, cream colored thread and probably racer-back style. I could imagine that being a nice addition to this casual top.

In fact, since I’ve already managed to yack about it, I might as well show a photo that is similar to what I have in mind for the blouse you see in my outfit photos above:

*Shirt above is from Anthropologie and can be found here.

As for the rest of this OOTD (if you could even call it that,) here are more photos of the outfit along with earrings and the shoes.






By the way, the jewelry is all hand-made by me. The owl earrings and necklace are two of my favorite pieces. If you just so happen to be interested, these can be ordered from Laughing Flamingo.

Sandals 2015
Oh, and those awesome sandals? My precious love got them for me, and the store just so happened to offer a random discount, so instead of $30-something, I think they ended up costing like $15! I love a fabulous deal like that, and these sandals are total perfection. I adore the blingy sparkle and shine, and love that they transform an otherwise super casual outfit into something that looks more… glam and less flip-flops and t-shirt-y.

I shall run now. It’s 4AM and I’m ready to spend a few minutes knitting a pair of boot cuffs that I’m making to go in the store ( and I am on the verge of a great opportunity, I believe — the boot cuffs and jewelry I make just might be featured in a really awesome local store who may sell my line! Fingers crossed!)

Have a fantastic, fun Labor Day weekend everyone! Stay safe and do share your plans for the weekend! I love hearing from you guys.

So what are ya’ll going to be doing? Will you be celebrating Labor Day? If not, how are you going to spend your weekend? So far for us, we spent the evening with friends and my parents, twin sister, older sister, and nieces watching my nephew’s football game — okay, they watched the game and I knitted! LOL) and then we all came back to my parents’ for the night. Being that it’s 4AM now though, I’m the only one still awake.

As for tomorrow, I’ll be spending time with my nieces and nephews during the day today and then later we’ll (me and my very significant other, a couple friends, and family) will be celebrating — cooking hot dogs and S’mores over a fire.

Let me know how you plan to celebrate or not celebrate.
Be safe and have fun!

9 Easy & Free Cardis to Make This Fall

Hello everyone! Were you all aware that it was fall already?

And just how many of my fellow crocheters have already started working on crocheting sweaters and cardigans for the upcoming cold months? I know a few of my fellow crochet bloggers have already started themselves, and some have already put out some of their very own designs.

Needless to say, as someone who’s never crocheted an entire sweater just yet, I’ve been scouring the web for good, easy to follow tutorials for cute cardigan and sweater patterns. I’m actually in the middle of crocheting one for my niece already and have a big roll of gray yarn and a pair of chunky knitting needles set aside for knitting my own comfy cardigan at some point before it turns warm again.

That brings me to some other thoughts I conjured up while doing my extensive hunt for the perfect cardigan to crochet my niece, who’s only 4, but I’ll tell you, finding a cardigan pattern for anyone who isn’t still crawling, or barely walking and sitting up (and probably spitting up, too, for that matter) is quite the journey. It wasn’t easy. For some reason, it appears that not many folks have put out patterns for kids above toddler age, and that irked me enough that I decided I’d have to wing it and use the tutorials for a baby’s cardigan and just kind of, well, figure out how to make it bigger.

I’ve already done a lot of crocheting and ripping out my work, but I think I’ve found the secret to being able to use all these gorgeous baby cardigan patterns and up-size them for any size!

Now I would not want to speak too soon and end up having to eat my last words, but I am excited and confident that I’ve found the way to go about up-sizing a cardigan pattern. I have so far, taken what I could learn from the tutorials I’ll be sharing in this post and basically, I would just begin working along the pattern in the baby size, then I’d rip it out and start over with slight adjustments until I found the correct size I needed to make the cardigan fit my niece. So far, I’m still in the yoke of her sweater, but it occurred to me that the technique I applied to her’s would probably work well for any size! This is really exciting, and I’m definitely going to be sharing the techniques I’ve used to figure this out so that you guys will be able to take any baby sized cardigan pattern and easily work it out to fit your very own size requirements. Just bear with me as I will have to finish the cardigan and make sure the results turn out perfect before I go telling you guys to try it out and risk wasting your time (in the off-chance that I’m wrong and it won’t really work like I think) and end up with a lot of pissed off women with crochet hooks in their hands coming after me! Yikes. That’s not exactly a peaceful image!

Since I’ve happened across several really great tutorials and patterns that fellow bloggers and crocheters have been kind enough to offer for free, I thought I’d compose a little list of my top favorites to share with you all. After all, I know I’m not the only one depending on other peoples’ skills to teach me the basics of crocheting winter clothing, right? Please, tell me I’m not the only one!

So, without further ado — whatever that even is. “Ado.” Sounds a lot like something that might be best done in the private of one’s personal restroom to me, but whatever. I can’t find a better way of saying it, so on with the program and without further ado….

My Favorite Easy (and Free!) Crochet Cardigan Patterns
(for Various Ages)

1. Very Easy chunky crochet baby /girl’s cardigan tutorial – fair isle sweater / jumper by Wooly Wonders Crochet

2. Very Easy crochet girl’s dress / top / shirt / tunic tutorial also by Wooly Wonders Crochet (my favorite crochet channel, actually. This one is a short-sleeved dress, but can easily be adjusted to make a long-sleeved cardi or sweater dress. Too cute (and simple) not to make this list. This woman does a beautiful job and her instructions are so easy to follow. Her adorable accent is just icing on the cake!

* These two videos are actually the tutorials I used to learn how to crochet a yoke. I talked about how I have kept on to get the key to up-sizing a cardigan like this to fit any larger size. Well folks, the two videos above are the 2 I watched dozens upon dozens of times to get the hang of it and keep working until I found the key! Like I said, I’m not finished with the cardigan I”m working on, so I won’t go spilling the details until I’m sure it’s going to work (so I don’t end up causing you folks to waste your time along with me).

3.How to Crochet A Baby Sweater
By Anna Phelps, who also does a fantastic job with her tutorials, making them very easy for beginners to follow.

4. Here’s a great basic sweater by The Crochet Crowd (awesome tutorials as well by the way). It’s a sweater, not cardi, but one that deserved to make the list anyways. Mikey shares instructions for child sizes 1, 2, 4, 6, or 8, but this one could be adapted easily to fit virtually any size (even for a slouchy sweater for teens or adults):

5. Sweater Pullover Tutorial by Woolpedia This is probably the easiest sweater of all. It is a sweater, but keep in mind it can be made into a cardigan.

6. Easy Crochet Baby Cardigan — another gorgeous design and tutorial by Wooly Wonders:

7. DrapeyHere’s one for my lovely knitters out there, and it’s an adult-sized cardi! (because hey! We love cardis too, right?)
This one’s knitted — The Drapey Cardigan (why that name, I have no clue.) by Lion Brand

8. Chantal
Here’s a free crochet cardigan pattern in adult sizes called Chantal by Drops Designs:

And here’s the free knitting pattern for the cardigan I said I had needles and yarn set aside to make later:
Liond Brand Free Cardi Pattern
I think I’ll make my sleeves a bit shorter — I don’t think I’d like the whole “bat-wing” look.

P.S. I will share my 4-year old cardigan once it’s complete.

So what about you guys? Will you be crocheting any of these, or if you’re already working on some projects of your own, I’d love for you to share!

& If you liked these free patterns and tutorials and would like to see more like this, you might enjoy checking out the tutorials, patterns & inspiration I pin on Pinterest.

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