Usher wears a crocheted kufi beanie hat  Image source:
Usher wears a crocheted kufi beanie hat
Image source:

I’ve always had mad respect for Mr. Usher Raymond, but when I saw an old picture of him wearing this crochet-looking beanie hat, it only amplified that.

Usher, the singer, songwriter, actor, and dancer is one hell of a skilled dude. I mean, you don’t win 8 Grammy awards for nothin’, right?

I was introduced to Usher as a 13 year old girl who, at that time, was one of millions listening to his big hit “You Got it Bad” on repeat each time a crappy guy broke up with me. I am not ashamed to admit that I never really grew out of my fondness for Usher.

Yes, I actually had to go listen to that song once (ahem, or twice. Shh!) after writing this.

Then, in my later teens, me and my fellow girlfriends played “Burn” on all-night loops to cope with more shitty breakups. Lol! Usher is the ultimate lovers music.

I just wrote an article at the beginning of the month (it’s February, 2015 at the time of writing), about Usher’s visit to Chattanooga, Tennessee, which is only about 40 minutes away from where I live, and one of the places Usher grew up. He spent some of his younger years living in the exact same state I do, and not too far from my city, either. I guess having something like that in common with a star you admire kind of makes you feel special. Moving on, though.

He visited the Center for Creative Arts, Dalewood Middle, and Orange Grove Center this month to celebrate his late grandmother’s birthday, and guess what he did while he was there?

Showed up at 3 different schools that he had attended growing up.

And guess what else?

He gave phenomenal speeches to the students, speeches that were both encouraging and beautiful, and at on point, he referenced his grandmother’s impact on his career.

Absolutely beautiful.

But he didn’t stop at that.

Usher brought gifts.

He gave one student a school sweatshirt and made a monetary donation to one school, the CCA.

This isn’t the only time the highly charitable fella made such a donation. He also donated the big digital sign displayed at Dalewood middle school’s entrance on a previous visit.

Anyways, enough about Usher’s life for now. I was quite impressed by the beanie hat he was shown wearing in the image I found and was inspired to dedicate an entire post to it.

With that said, you know I wouldn’t share such a hat without giving you guys a few sources that will guide you in creating one of your own, if you’re as inspired by the kufi hat as I was.

Image Source: Erika Luke

If you would like to crochet your own kufi beanie hat, like the one Usher is rocking in the photo above, then you are in luck! Erika Luke offers her very own crocheted kufi Beanie Hat Pattern for free over at her blog, Erika Luke. Thanks, Erika.

Image source: Sophia’s Crochet

Looks like there’s another similar one, that’s gorgeous there’s a free pattern by Sophia from Sophia’s Crochet. Her’s is for a baby, but you can easily size up for a larger size.

And if you are super new to crocheting head wear, then here are a couple of great places to start:

1. BobWilson123 discusses the basics of creating the crown part of a beanie in crochet.

2. In this video below, Fuad Azmat Shows you how all the basics of crocheting a beanie hat, which is useful for both beginners and advanced crochet-ers.

Now you should be equipped with everything you need to rock a beanie hat similar to the one Usher sported. And you have to admit, Usher is one hell of bad a** fella.

Do you agree? Are you an Usher fan? What are your thoughts about that beanie? Have you ever crocheted or knitted hats yourself? I’ve never made a hat yet!

5 Comments on Usher Wears Crochet!

    • I’m not the biggest fan in the world, but I do think he is a skilled person, and I admire his skills and passion, and charitable attitude (that’s what I like most.) I don’t own any actual CD’s by Usher or anything, but do enjoy a few of his older songs like “Burn.” Lol. The songs hold a lot of memories for me, so that helps. Lol.

      I definitely think the hat is cool! 😉 I wouldn’t wear one myself since I don’t ever wear hats, but thought my crochet readers would particularly be impressed, and hopefully inspired.

      Thank you, Dick for visiting and commenting. It truly makes my day. I am very grateful.

    • Debolina, oh I am SO glad to hear/read this! I’m totally ecstatic right now to have a fellow crochet-er here! Awesome. I would love to see some of your projects. What’s your favorite thing to crochet?

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