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FaveCrafts is like the ultimate online hangout for crafters. I’ve been quite the diligent subscriber to them due to their continous free patterns they offer for knitters and crocheters. Not to mention their array of projects and ideas for every other craft on the planet.

While I spend a lot of time browsing the FaveCrafts website, I don’t often enter the giveaways they feature. Mostly because I’ve never won anything in my life, and usually don’t have time to really get into entering any giveaways.

However, FaveCrafts feature some really amazing giveaways, and sometimes when I have spare time on my hands, I find it impossible to pass up entering. Particularly, the huge craft supply giveaway they have running right now.

The Ultimate Craft-tastic Grand Prize Giveaway includes craft products from the following brands: Fairfield, SpinRite, Clover, Sizzix, Little B, Simplicity, I Love to Create, DOW Chemical, Plaid, Cousin, FloraCraft, and Stencil1. Talk about a giveaway worth entering!

Head on over to FaveCrafts right now to enter the giveaway yourself, then you can come back to finish reading this post, if you want to.

The deadline is February 28, 2015, but you can enter the giveaway once every single day up until the deadline!

You can also earn extra entries by sharing the giveaway on your social media sites, as well as an extra entry by featuring the giveaway on your blog, like I’m doing right now. 😉

If you’re a subscriber of FaveCrafts newsletter, you’ll be notified of their bi-weekly giveaways via e-mail, so you can enter the giveaways as soon as they go live. I subscribe and get their newsletter to check out their free patterns and craft ideas every week, and that is how I knew of the giveaway that’s going on right now. For some reason, this time, I felt compelled to enter this one, and perhaps I’ll manage to find time to continue entering their giveaways from now on. Just the thought of winning a craft supply giveaway as ginormous as this one is enough to get my heart rate up a little!

Winning this kind of giveaway would really have any crafter all set for all kinds of new crafting adventures!

To see a list of all the giveaways running by FaveCrafts right now, you can click here and go through to find the giveaways you want to enter, if you would like to enter more than the one giveaway.

Being a lover of crochet, knitting, beading, and many other crafts, I basically stalk FaveCrafts everywhere online. I find a lot of awesome, free patterns and inspiration from their Twitter posts as well, so if you’re like me and want more, you can follow them there, too.

Now that my entries are all in, I’m going to take a crochet break myself. I’m working on yet another garment at the moment. I’ve only gotten as far as the chains so far! But will be starting the first actual row any minute now! Wish me luck. I’m really hoping this one turns out stunning.

Do you guys enter giveaways? Craft giveaways only, or do you enter all sorts of different ones? Have you ever won anything? I’d love to hear your stories! Also, if you guys know of other giveaways going on, go ahead and share those with me, too, if you like.

Oh, stay tuned for a post I’ll be doing on a shawl I’m currently knitting (yes, I’m working on two projects at once.) I’ll be uploading photos of the finished Io Shawl from Willow Yarns, and will also be doing a review sometime very soon (when I can finally finish the shawl.) The pattern has been the most frustrating, complicated knitting pattern I have yet to attempt, so it’s a slow-go, but I’m doing my best to get the beauty finished so that I can feature it here as soon as possible! I hope you’ll stay on the lookout for it.

6 Comments on Huge Craft Giveaway At FaveCrafts

    • I believe FaveCrafts has a section for every craft imaginable, including scrap-booking. I know they have a paper-crafting section because it was in the last newsletter I got from them. Hang on and I’ll check it out.

      Crap. The page won’t even load for me. For some reason the only internet page that will even work for me right now is this one. :/ But, I am certain they have a huge section for scrap-booking. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, though. 🙁

      I like scrap-booking, too and have accumulated several scrab-books (my mom owned a scrap-book shop while I was growing up.) We haven’t gotten back into it in years, but we used to have a scrap-book “party” every weekend and it was such a blast! I loved collaborating with so many different people and getting to see such diversity in everyone’s work. I completely quit several years ago, mostly because of budget reasons and some of that stuff can get so insanely costly! I mean, 99 cents for a sheet of paper?! I couldn’t keep up, especially when printing photos out became kind of a rare thing to do, and somewhat costly too when a tight budget is in place.

      I would love to dig my stuff back out one day, though.

      Anyways, definitely check out the ideas on FaveCrafts and Pinterest, too (if you haven’t already!) You will find some pretty awesome ideas to use that paper on. 😉

      Happy crafting and thank you, dearly, Jessica for stopping by. 😉

  1. I entered a weird Redpath Sugar giveaway once around Halloween, it was on facebook. For crafts I do not think I have but would like to. I have some cardstock and stickers, glue gun and paints but never seem to find the time to use it and have fun. Hope to soon though.

    • Cool! Sounds like a fun giveaway. Did you not win? I have yet to win any giveaways, but figure sometimes it’s just worth a shot to enter. 😉

      Thank you for commenting and visiting, WorkatHomeGal! 😉

  2. I usually like to enter giveaways that are free to enter. My thoughts are, “you never know, you can be the winner”, even though it is rare to win.
    I wish I knew how to crochet…

    • Yes, I will enter free ones, but I’d never enter a giveaway that was not free to enter. That seems kind of shady to me, and… perhaps even un-ethical? It doesn’t seem right to charge someone to enter a giveaway. I see A LOT of bloggers who require you to jump through hoops (follow them on Twitter, Facebook, then blog about their site, Tweet about it, Facebook about it, etc.) just to enter and frankly, I do not have the time for all those requirements! Lol. I don’t mind to share someone’s links via my social media profiles at all as a means to enter a giveaway and I think these days, there’s no such thing as entering a giveaway that you don’t have to do *something* for, to get your entry in. 🙁 It took me a total of probably 4 times of entering the giveaways that you have to jump through hoops for before I realized it was a waste of time. However, for this one, I thought the giveaway would be a relevant topic to blog about here, and I really was out of any crochet ideas for the last few weeks. Lol. Plus, it did get me an “extra entry.” A lot of the giveaways featured on FaveCrafts are so huge, though, that they can be worth it if you have the time to make all the efforts to get entries in. I imagine some of them are at least worth several hundred dollars in products. I’d love to know how you get such huge sponsors from big name brands like that, though.

      Thank you so much for stopping by! I am so honored to see you did, and that you commented to. 😉

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