1. Cat tunnel!
OMG. A cat tunnel

Muffin’s Cat Tunnel by Woodhill Design

Muffin’s Cat tunnel is to die crochet for!

Every cat’s dream.
I’m serious, ya’ll.

As long as you have a couple of large-ish metal rings, and of course a hook and some yarn, you’ll be able to accomplish this awesome cat tunnel, which is offered as a free pattern by Woodhill Design Page!

Oh, and you’ll also be forever known as the coolest cat mom on the block for having made your little furry fella his/her very own tunnel.

You want that rep. I promise.

2. A Cat Sweater (knit)
…If you own or know a kitty who actually wants to wear something, then perhaps knitting him/her a sweater would really warm those kitty backs.

Image Source: Christine Landry at ChristineLandry.com

Knitters can knit kitty a cozy little sweater by using the free cat sweater pattern available thanks to Christine Landry over at ChristineLandry.com And I have to admit, her kitty is totally rockin’ that gorgeous pink sweater!

Or use this pattern by Craft Leftovers if your cat is more of a hoodie kind of guy or gal rather than a sweater pup cat.

The cat named Molly featured in the sweater by Crafty Leftovers does look awfully adorable wearing that sweet hoodie while playing in the snow.


Maybe Alonzo likes the way a turtle neck rides up snugly and close to the neck, then?

Image source: Velvet Kerfuffle
Coco wearing the turtleneck.
Please take a minute to at least view Coco’s adorable photo shoot over at Velvet Kerfuffle. Coco sure looks to be having fun!

Velvet Kerfuffle’s page with the free Mock Turtleneck pattern sure does look cat-friendly. If I were going to force my cat to wear a garment, I think it would be this since it appears to be more comfortable than most. I always worry about my cat’s getting any clothing or collars hung on something and having a tragedy, so I’m always too paranoid to actually put the clothes on them. However, indoor kitties who aren’t home alone much could be really fun to dress up!

3. Toys!
The 5-Minute Mouse by Jenna Wingate Designs is an absolute must if you’re a cat owner/lover and a crocheter, and let’s face it, the two go hand-in-hand, so chances are if you’re a crocheter, you’re most likely a cat owner/lover also.

Jenna Wingate Designs, “The 5-Minute Mouse”
A free pattern by Jenna Wingate Designs.
Image source: Jenna Wingate Designs

Note: You can access the free 5-Minute Mouse pattern download via Jenna Wingate Designs’ website or her Ravelry page. Go to the website and you will be greeted with a whole page of awesome free patterns! Simply scroll down to find the 5- Minute Mouse pattern.

Now grab yer poly-fill and crochet a little mouse toy for Fluffy to chase around for hours on end… until the mouse is so far under the couch that kitty can no longer reach it.

In that case, grab yer hook and crochet another.

4. For the kitty who likes to chill frequently…

Crochet him/her their very own hammock to kick back and relax in like pros.

Image Source: “Socksy” on The CatSite.com forum.

Socksy on The CatSite.com forum has shared her very own, awesome hammock pattern.

Looks like it’s more of a kitten kind of product, but as a hardcore kitty lover and owner, I know every cat will really appreciate their very own hammock. So you might have to get creative on where and how to hang the whole get up, but it will be totally worth it to see kitty’s peaceful face when he/she curls up inside of it.

5.Crochet Cat House

You know it.
Every cat needs (and desperately wants) their very own house. Think of it as a kitty apartment.

Here’s a perfect step-by-step video tutorial by Crochet Toys on how to crochet a cat house! It’s even better than a bed because every cat loves having a “roof.” It makes them feel like they’re hidden.

The tutorial is very easy to follow, even for a beginner, so as long as you know the basics, you are likely going to be able to accomplish this easy, and rewarding project with little to no trouble at all.

Which of these will you be crocheting/knitting for kitty? Or have you made your own kitty items before? If so, I’d love for you to share your creations in the comments or via email!

If you’d like, I may agree to feature your own designs here at Crochet As You Are.

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    • Thanks so much, Xelaiehm!

      I actually didn’t crochet any of those featured in this post. Other folks did, and I simply featured their work here. However, I sure can’t wait to get started on some of these! 😉

    • Awesome! Thanks for coming by, Jessica! It was such a pleasure to see your comment there. 😉 My cats love finding new boxes and stuff to cuddle up inside, so I bet they would either adore a tunnel, or be so freaked by it they’d never go inside. Lol. They’re very unpredictable creatures.

      Sounds like you have 2 cute cats! 😉

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