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You guys probably didn’t know this — considering Crochet As You Are consists of nothing but crochet & knitting articles — but I actually have a few other tricks up my sleeve. By “tricks up my sleeve,” I actually just mean that I dabble in many different craft categories other than yarn crafts. So I guess I could’ve simply said that, but I liked the ring “tricks up my sleeve” had.

While I’m not very skilled or talented at it, I do sew and love to create (ahem, or attempt to create) with my sewing machine.

If I had more skills in that department, I don’t think you would be able to pull me away from my sewing machine, but I lack the knowledge and skills there. I could really use a helping hand, when it comes to sewing things like garments, to teach me some basic tips and tricks.

However, I still take those prickly risks when inspiration strikes, and I have actually ended up with quite a few decent finished products.

Sewing disasters aside, the first craft I ever really got into was jewelry making. That’s when my crafty mind and inner creativity really started to blossom explode.

Skip a few other random crafts including making paper beads for a time…

I went from stringing beautiful beads onto wire (and fishing line — the cheap girl’s version of jewelry line, which has actually been a huge blessing when you consider the price of the jewelry line, which is almost the exact same thing as fishing line, and not the mention the difference in amount you get for price, by the way) to stompin’ the pedal on my sewing machine with wild, crazed eyes and tangled thread everywhere. Then came my brilliant idea to take up the yarn crafts. I remember well the moment I decided that this was my calling. And I do mean calling. Jesus put me here for the sake of all things crochet and knitting. In fact, I’m not even certain yet that he had any other purpose for me! Lol. Only kidding, but I am guessing this strong, undying urge to forever have a roll of yarn and a hook or set of needles in my hand was intentional by our Lord.

Moving on, though . . . Or should I say moving backwards because now we’re going to go back to the topic of sewing. You have to forgive my scatter-brains here.

One thing I can always sew well is a scarf. I love scarves, but have actually never worn one myself except to try on! I don’t exactly know why, and I definitely plan to start wearing some of my lovely scarves I create that are lying around with no use.

My most recent scarf is the polka dotted, chiffon fabric infinity scarf. Some folks call them circle scarves. Either way, I love the cute-ness of the polka-dots. They add a little something to any outfit and go well with virtually any outfit style, so I knew I had to make a polka-dotted scarf.

Now, if only I can manage to wear the thing outside of my house, and for more than just to take photos wearing it.

I actually have this scarf (and others) up for sale on the Laughing Flamingos store page, if you don’t want to make one yourself. On the other hand, if you are a DIY-er and do want to try creating a scarf of your own, I’ve posted a few super easy tutorials (listed below) to show you how.
*Note: The Polka-Dot Infinity Scarf featured above was not created using any of the below patterns/tutorials. Instead, I went the re-cycle – Re-fashion route, and used asymmetrical pieces of fabric to create a triangle-like shape to the front and back of my fabric/scarf. So, when worn, there’s a “V” shape that can be hung around the front and back, or draping across the shoulders. If interested in this exact pattern, let me know & I’ll create a tutorial specifically for it.

They’re pretty simple, and are perfect for last minute or extra quick DIY projects. I have days when I want to add something new to an outfit I’ve had forever and just ain’t feelin’. What I like to do to give those old, un-exciting outfits new life is set aside about 30 minutes to cut and sew one right up. The only thing is, I never end up actually wearing them! Lol. I just end up tossing on the old, un-exciting outfit and saying “well, I’ll wear the scarf next time.” I just feel awkward in a scarf, since I’ve never worn one outside of these couple of times hidden in my own home.

1. snoods
1. DIY Infinity or Circle Scarf Tutorial AKA The “Snood” by Cotton and Curls.

American Apparel Circle Scarf Knock Off by Come On Ilene.
This one is fabulous because it’s so versatile — you can wear it in more ways than just as a scarf. It does require more fabric, but totally worth it if you wear scarves!

3. DIY Circle Scarf By Yours Truly G

The wonderful Yours Truly G has even included a video tutorial for everyone to learn how to make a circle scarf like the beautiful ones seen on her site.

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