K stitch 1

I have recently learned a brand new stitch to crochet and I’m so excited about it! I love learning new stitches to knit and crochet and find it really fun to look for different ways to incorporate any new, intricate stitch into a project.

Just when I began to think that there were no more crochet stitches available to be learned, I was blessed with one hell of a unique one that I’d never heard of or seen before — The “K” stitch. And here I thought I’d mastered every stitch there was to crochet. I love when this happens.

Anyways, I have created a video tutorial for ya’ll to learn how to crochet this awesome new stitch.

NOTE: This stitch requires you to know how to crochet the treble stitch (and obviously know how to chain, double crochet and know the other basics). As long as you know the basics, including a treble crochet stitch, I think you’ll get this K stitch down pat easily and in not time!

Note: I am using American/US terminology here, so when I say to double crochet, for example some other parts of the world would actually need to single crochet. I know, it’s complicated, right? Why make the rules different in different countries? Makes no sense to me, but if you use non-US terminology, then you will need to keep the difference of the stitch meanings in mind. You can actually look up what a double crochet (or any other stitch) would be for your country and it’ll tell you.

So if you aren’t using Us terminology, please do not let this deter you from following along. It’s not difficult to catch on to the different meanings in stitches at all. I can follow a UK crochet pattern easily by remembering that when they say to double crochet, that would mean to single crochet for me. I know, I know, it makes no sense!

With that aside, if any of you have trouble keeping the terminology straight (if you’re trying to follow along and can’t because you don’t use US crochet terminology), then please don’t hesitate to let me know & I will write the instructions up for you in your own language/terminology or even do a video showing it in your own language/terminology specifically for you!

I seriously don’t mind helping or doing a tutorial using different terminology, so if you need me to do that, do let me know & I’ll get on it asap so that you too can follow this with ease.

Moving forward, I really think I will be liking this stitch! It’s slightly difficult, and won’t be something that will work up fast when used largely in a project, but it could definitely put a lovely, unique touch on a light-weight, summery blouse/top or even in a scarf! I personally would not make a blanket using this stitch because it leaves so many open spaces and well, toes get caught in blankets with holes and open spaces. Also, open spaces mean less warmth and that kind of defeats the purpose of a blanket, huh?

So, what will you be using the K stitch in? Do you have any projects in mind that you’d like to use this stitch in? Or maybe you’re way ahead of me and this K stitch isn’t new to you at all. Perhaps you have used this one before. If so, I’d love it if you shared your own designs.

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