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I’m so excited to have just added (well, B, my significant other just added) this new crochet thread to my stash by Bernat. The thread has various shades of purple from an almost lilac shade in some places, to a deep plum, and mixed with various greens. I call it “peacock yarn,” because the colors remind me of those in a peacock’s tail. The actual name for it is “Iris,” though. And so far, I adore it.

This is my first time using the brand “Bernat,” so I’m impressed with the feel of the thread, and the colors, too.

So, hooray for new thread! I can’t even settle on what I’d like to use it for!

If you’re a crocheter or knitter, or someone who uses yarn/thread frequently, then you know the excitement of new yarn/thread. That feeling you get when you get home with a new roll. The hundreds of images rushing through your mind before you even make it home with the stuff — all the ideas of what you could do with it. A blanket, a scarf, a sweater, vest, etc. You begin imagining your new found yarn worked up in every possible way. It can be overwhelming! If you’re like me, new yarn/thread is hard to take your mind off, until you finally sit down and start chaining. I think a top/blouse would be pretty fun with all those unique colors, but then it’d also make for a unique, stand-out-ish scarf. I’ve never worn a scarf, though!
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What drew me to this yarn is the colors. It stands out amongst your plain whites, tans, blacks and other neutral colors of thread sitting on the shelf. Actually, I’ll be honest. I can’t take credit for the great taste in picking out this thread…
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It was B (my significant other) who spotted it and showed me. He had this adorable look of delight on his face as he held it out for me to see. The colors were so lovely that we both couldn’t resist! He knew it’d be right up my alley. And I did need a break from the white I’ve been using non-stop for months.

But, with a tub full of yarn (not much thread, though!), I am hesitant about buying new yarn/thread unless I feel like I really need it. He, on the other hand, says I can never have enough yarn/thread! Lol. He’s right. You really can’t ever have enough, much less too much of yarn/thread. But, I am a weird-o who’s strange about spending $ on items that are for myself, so I usually have to justify so many reasons in order to buy an item.

Not him! Before I could even read the label, B had 2 rolls swiped up and ready to purchase, bless him. He insisted, telling me I was not talking myself out of this one. He was getting it for me one way or the other, so I might as well just tell him how much I’d need.
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After he said that, I knew I’d better just thank him and accept it because there was no way I would be able to convince him that I couldn’t find something to use that thread in. At least a scarf, he said.

God bless his sweet little heart. He doesn’t even craft, yet he totally gets the “need” for supplies like beautiful yarn/thread and beads (I do jewelry too). In fact, he’s usually the one to pick out most of my supplies there as well. Ah, the benefits of having an S/O with such great taste.
And with such good taste, I trust him to pick out thread/yarn or beads for jewelry making all by himself! Lol. 😉

A Mini Review of The Bernat Handicrafter Thread in Iris:

I am totally enthralled with this Bernat thread. As you can tell in some of the many photos I’ve taken of the yarn, it has a subtle sheen, and somewhat of a silky feel to it. It’s a “0” for lace weight, but isn’t so thin that it makes a puny sweater. In fact, the amount I’ve got worked up so far is fluffy considering this is a thread, and especially a lace one at that. It’s not bulky, but has a surprising thickness once worked up. Being 100% acrylic, it has some give to it, even a bit stretchy once worked.

My first impression, and what I love more than anything about this yarn is the feel of it. It’s acrylic, but feels nothing like your typical bulky, acrylic yarn, which can often have a stiff, itchy feel to it. This is smoother than any yarn I’ve felt, which makes it a pleasure to work with. As strange as it is, I find myself enjoying the way it feels running through my hands as I crochet with it.

It’s going to make a very comfortable garment. More comfortable than the somewhat stiff mercerized cotton, which I honestly don’t love the way the cotton feels on my skin.

Something I like about using thread over yarn is that it has less of a tendency to split.

There are a couple of things I’m not 100% impressed with though.

1. I noticed as I work through the thread that there are some places where it’s kind of… damaged. No, damaged isn’t the most fitting word. It’s frayed. Some places, quite a few, actually, appear to be frayed & it’s annoying. While I’ve only really used 3 other brands of thread for crocheting (the mercerized cotton by Red Heart has been my go-to and a couple others that aren’t very popular as well) yet with those, I typically find only 1 or 2 places of imperfections throughout the roll. So, being that this Bernat thread runs higher than the Red Heart I’m used to, and comes with way less product for your $, I would prefer it didn’t have this many frayed spots. Like I said, I’ve ran into a lot of them, considering.

2. Well, call me a tight-wad (B often does), but I can’t help but wish it was cheaper! 😉 It seems this brand runs higher than the other threads at Walmart, like Red Heart. This thread is typically $5.99, but I did see it on sale on Walmart’s website earlier today for $3.45.

It’s acrylic material, which is usually the lowest costing yarn/thread material you can find. It comes with “approximately 350 yards,” per the label’s words. The Red Heart mercerized cotton thread I usually get comes with 400 yards (and no “approximately” on the label) and is about $6-something, for the largest roll. And the other sizes, like the 500 yards of Red Heart thread are only $2.53.

Aside from that, the roll contains far less thread than even Red Heart‘s smallest amount. I can’t help but feel like there’s not a full 350 yards of the Bernat on the roll. In fact, it feels like it isn’t even close to “approximately” 350 yards. I know that with Red Heart‘s smallest size, I can complete an entire tank top blouse with enough thread left over to do half of another one, if not more (depending on size and stitch, of course). But, with the Bernat Handicrafter here, I’m already seeing the cardboard roll and haven’t even gotten 6 inches of a size small tank top yet!

Price/Overall Best “Bang For Your Buck” Comparison:
Comparing price and amount of Bernat Handicrafter crochet thread with my regular brand Red Heart, Bernat comes up lacking. I feel like it might be overpriced for the amount you get.

I’m curious enough that I would like to measure out how much exactly there is with this Bernat thread, so I may find some way to do that with my second roll. 😉 Lol.

Aside from those little “cons,” I can see myself purchasing this brand again for small items, not for large ones. I don’t think I’d do something like an entire blanket using this thread simply because the price would end up being outrageous compared to the cost of using another thread, like Red Heart. Of course I wouldn’t pass up a chance to grab more if I found it on sale.

Any links in this post were placed there automatically — not by me at all.
I’m not an affiliate or in any way linked to or have a special relationship with either of the brands mentioned here. I’m nothing more than a customer of the two, and haven’t ever been asked by them for a review or anything such as that. I just chose to include a bit of my opinion about the two since I’ve recently used them. Obviously, nothing was given to me in exchange for the mention of either brands on my blog. The yarns I’ve talked about were paid for. Just thought I’d toss that information out there. I just like to give my opinion, and hope to be helpful to others 😉

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    • Richard,
      Thank you so much for coming by and reading my post & for your comment! It was really great to read your thoughts on this too & to know that someone else agrees that it seems you get a smaller amount of yarn/thread for the $ these days. I wondered if I was the only one! Lol. I have a stash of old yarn (at least 1 year old) from my spouse’s grandmother who passed away and I noticed that the rolls of her yarn would get me through almost double what I get when I buy the same brand, same “amount” (per the words on the label, anyways)! Very suspicious if you ask me. Lol. That is why I try to go for brands like Red Heart when I’m crocheting for myself. When it comes to gifting or something, I’ll opt for something like Caron and just try to find the one pound rolls on sale. I think that brand is so much softer and comfier than Red Heart.

      Anyways, I truly am grateful to you for coming by and for taking the time to not only read my post, but comment too! Really makes me happy. 😉 I’m off to visit you now. 😉

    • Aw thanks so much, Captain! 🙂 It warmed my heart to see your kind comments. 😉 Awesome that your sister can crochet scarves and stuff! Sounds like she’d be my kind of friend. 🙂 I cannot get enough crochet.

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