Hey my fellow crocheters,

I have found myself crocheting a lot this past week. Kind of trying to work my way through this bout of depressive feelings by keeping busy. I guess something good has come of it, though because I’ve managed to crochet this nice lace-y trim or edging. I didn’t even have a particular project in mind that I wanted to use this trim or edging on, but I know since the minute I took up crochet & knitting, I wanted to eventually have a nice stash of hand-crocheted trim/edging on hand because it’s so darn beautiful and can go with virtually anything.

Crochet Lace Trim LF

Lace crochet by Kendra
I actually have quite a few various trims I have crocheted, but I have yet to use any of it. I figure one day the day will come when I have a shirt or something that could use a nice lace-y looking trim to it, but for now, I just enjoy makin’ the stuff.
Kendra's Lace
There are so many possibilities, too. Lace-y edged pillows, trim for a dress, bedding, a t-shirt. Heck, I even imagined using it to trim a neckline on a regular ol’ top, and thought it would look lovely. I think I’ll also add this by the roll to my shop, just in case it ever takes off. At least potential “shoppers” would have something to choose from, huh? Kendra's Lace
kendras lace two
I have really enjoyed the stitching of this trim, though, and thought I could even keep going with it to make it wider, but am still unsure of where I’ll go with it at the moment.
Do you guys crochet your own edging/trim for your projects? If so, what types of projects do you use it on?

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