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I haven’t been here for such a long time. I have had several blogs here but removed them all because I have dedicated my time to growing my online business. Last year I started to become a full-time work at home mom making money online as an author, blogger, mixed media artist and digital designer. Now I’m only working part-time in my former job as an educator. It has been an exciting journey and I’m still not there where I want to be but I love this journey because I can work from home and I can be together with my husband and our two kids. My husband is also working from home.

Last year we also moved from Germany to my husband’s home country Georgia (Caucasus) because our life in Germany was full of stress, health and financial issues and we couldn’t deal with all these issues anymore. Now at our new place we don’t have that stress anymore, our health has started to improve. We still have our financial issues but we are working on solving them one at a time.  Our kids are feeling much better here. Of course, it’s all new for them – the new environment, the people, the Georgian language- but after nearly one year, we have all adapted to this new place. It sounds strange but though I was born, raised and lived all my life in Germany until last year, I feel more “home” in my husband’s home country. I think it’s because I can be me and have more freedom here. In Germany there was all this pressure and expectation. Now it is all gone. I’m a foreigner in this country but I don’t feel like it because people have welcomed me so openly and friendly and they have accepted me the way I am.

I started this blog because I want to have a place where I can write down my personal thoughts, what I’m working on and where I share things I love and recommend.

I hope I will stay committed to this on a regular basis because it helps me stay more focused on my overall work.

So yes, I’m back on here!

Lots of love,


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