Surgery to remove a live cockroach from the Ailing Minister’s chest turns out as a nigligence act

A Ugandan minister who was suffering from acute chest pain decided to visit Mulago hospital- one of the most reputable medical centers not only in Uganda but also in Africa continent too.

During the X-ray examination, a live cockroach was sighted moving aimlessly in the chest of the patient minister. This having been observed, it was seen as the primary cause of the chest pain being felt by the minister.

The conclusion of the diagnosis was that surgery was urgently required to be performed in order remove the damn insect from the minister’s chest as the only way to get rid of the problem.

Though the minister was in pain, the shocking results of the X-ray diagnosis didn’t sound realistic, thus he declined allowing the recommended surgery to be performed on his chest, until he had another medical test performed elsewhere by another reputable professional doctor.

The minister took a flight to India where he requested another chest test to be performed to find out the cause of the pain (also counterchecking the previous test findings). In fact, the chest test diagnosis was just to confirm the existence of a live cockroach in the chest as in had been concluded back in Mulago hospital. If the tests would have a positive result, a surgery to remove the roach would be arranged immediately before it coused more damage.

The x-ray chest tests were performed once again, but the resulting photos revealed no signs of the existence of a live insect in the minister’s chest. Had it travelled down to the stomach or other parts of the body?

The Indian doctor concluded that the chest examination didn’t reveal anything worrisome; instead he observed that the cockroach sighted in his chest in Mulago hospital was actually in the X-ray machine.

This may sound somewhat funny but it is a real story that highlighted the state of negligence in Mulago hospital doctors. Imagine how weird it would be if the doctors used the same X-ray machine on several patients, showing the insect in the patients’ bodies.

Assuming the minister had allowed the surgery to be performed as it was recommended, how would it be when no live roach was found in the chest, instead later discovered in the X-ray sights?

Or was it just a well-planned scam launched to defraud the minister in case he fell for the doctor’s surgery recommendation?

2 Responses to “Surgery to remove a live cockroach from the Ailing Minister’s chest turns out as a nigligence act”

  1. ptrk12 says:

    At times incorrect medial outcomes and diagnosis can cause issues. It places extra responsibility on doctors to be careful. Which was the Indian hospital involved in this?

  2. henry says:

    Thanks for your observation. The source of this story doesn’t mention the exact Indian hospital the patient sought assistance to confirm the preliminary X-ray test. Here is the link

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