The weirdest inspirational tool you never knew about

When it comes to things that inspire people to fight their way to success, different people come up with different long lists but I have come to discover that there is a very powerful inspiring tool that has been mostly left out of the list.

I have listened to many of the inspirational success stories by some of the most successful people in the world, but it seems as if none of them have taken a note in what I discovered.

Up to this point of the article, you must be asking yourself what I am trying to express, and you may even be about to give up, but don’t.

What if I told you that it is the thing that you have come across severally in your life?

The inspiring tool I am talking about is REJECTION.

Now you must be asking yourself how rejection can be used as an inspiring thing. The secret weapon is in how one tries to fight rejection. Taking rejection as a stepping stone to success is the best way to fight it.

I came to discover this from a friend who is pursuing his elusive success goal in sports betting. In fact, he is addicted to sports betting. His main aim is to be able to one lucky day hit the grand draw jackpot of 36 Million Kenya shillings cash ($360000 USD) through Sportpesa.

What drives him mad in his continued participation in the bets no matter how much money he has lost in bets is that; he believes he will one day be able to win the staggering amount of money so that he can go back to every girl he TRIED TO WOO BUT GOT REJECTED. The main intention being, to just make sure they regret the good thing they missed in their lives, by rejecting him. To make them feel envious of his current girlfriend too wishing they were her.

He usually visuanalizes about how he will be driving in an expensive Mercedez Benz to the whereabouts of everyone who looked down upon him just to say “HI” with intention of showing off his wealth.

It is total madness, isn’t it?

It might sound like counting on the value of the stars, but whatever the opinion you have about this Kenyan guy; the dream to win the jackpot so that he can surprise everyone who rejected him is still valid and keeps him strong and focused.

I know about people who have made it in life, but believe it wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t exposed to tough living conditions that they fought back at. In other words, they were rejected by people they counted on before and vowed to surprise them one day.

Have you ever suffered rejection to the point of getting inspired to do extraordinary things to surprise those who caused it?

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  1. ptrk12 says:

    Quite an interesting tale of madness!

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