Waking Up To A Brand New Day

One of the things that I’m grateful for is waking up to a brand new day every morning…thanking my maker for giving me another day, another opportunity to enjoy life, watch my son grow, experience new things, be it in a joyful or painful way .

Most days can be  routine, boring routine.  I’ve learned easy  tricks to beat that boring routine and liven up my day :  start it early with positive thoughts, plan good things to achieve for that day, good exercise, healthy breakfast, some good music and last but not least, a good cup of coffee.

Waking up early and watching the sun rise always give me that hopeful,  positive and inspiring feelings.  I work at night and tend to wake up late and whenever that happens, I feel as if I’ve lost the day.

I like to lay down in bed for a while right after I wake up.  Feeling lazy but full of  nice thoughts and wishful thinking.  Once I’ve gathered enough positive energy, I’d get up…open my windows and let the sun and good vibes come in. Then I would have a good cup of coffee, Nescafe works well for me, some cream and some sugar.  Putting some good 80s music help keep my blood circulating.  I never go to the gym but I love to do some stretching and  some dancing at home.  A good walk, an hour or so would energized me  to run errands and get plenty of things done early morning.

Breakfast…a good healthy breakfast will sustain my day.  Being an Asian and a true Filipino at heart, my favorite breakfast is rice with some some cured meat such as Tocino ( our version of bacon ) or Longganisa ( our very own sweet and spicy sausage ) and of course some eggs ( fried eggs, fried on both sides but with the yolk a little runny ).  I’m picky when it comes to fruits, I hate bananas but love  strawberries and lots of fresh orange juice with my breakfast.

Looking good and feeling good about myself is important to me.  Wearing good clothes, looking pretty and feeling confident make it easier for me to wrap the world around my little finger…and I mean this in a nice way.

This is just my personal thoughts and feelings, simple things that help float my boat.   We all feel differently and each to their own but I wish you all a bright and wonderful new day each day.


( This is my first post , don’t know how things work here yet so this might sound tedious and a little nervous, lol )