The Draft Mode Is On

I actually achieved my daily limit, yesterday night itself on Blogjob. In my country due to the timezone difference, till 11.30 am it is considered the previous day as per Blogjob timezone. I generally, write my posts either in the morning or late evening. Since, I had met the daily limit on Blogjon yesterday evening itself, I had spare time to write my posts for achieving the next day’s limit. I am already done writing 4 posts since the past 1.5 hours and have saved them as Drafts. Now I just got to publish them from the draft mode and timely intervals.

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What Keeps Me Going

I am actually too tired to work now, but I am still here. Just one more post and I will finally go and rest. My back hurts a lot now. Usually does after long working hours. However, the reason I am working is to see the money in my Paypal and finally in my Bank account.

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Online Payments- Do you prefer it?

I was always sceptical when it comes to online payments. However, over the period of time, things have changed. With better discounts offered online, choosing this option is an obvious choice. Also the ease associated with this option is why one will favour it more. You do not have to wait in a long queue, as in the case of offline payment option. However, there is some kind of risk involved.

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How Was February For You?

It was a good month for me from the point of view of my online job. After a long time of getting caught in various scam sites, where I never saw the promised hard earned money reach my Paypal, I finally saw my Paypal happy. And the next week, its again going to be happy as I am nearing my Blogjob redemption. This is going to be my first redemption on Blogjob and the only reason why I am working so hard to achieve it by this week.

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