My Breaking Point

I felt fine when I woke this morning although I was a little sore in my arms and back muscles but that is expected when I do work that I have not done in months. I also have sore hands from using the scrub brush for hours, another I knew it would happen but I had no choice.

I often hear people telling me ” I would not do that job, sell it and get out” or ” Hire someone you`re rich!” But I cannot do either. Why? For one where is the money going to come in if I don`t have a a job? And I have been doing this as a job for twenty years so who is going to hire me? Sell them? To who? That takes a lot of time, its not like I can post it today and have the money next week to pay the power bill.


Today was another breaking point for me. I do everything, I have no help. If I want food I have to cook it, if I want clean clothes I have to wash them. But I am sure that most women say ” big deal, so do I.”

So I want to do a week in review, it poured rain three of the five days and I could not stop and wait the rain out.

Sunday at work. I had to get the keys back from a tenant that moved, I had to clean the trash up so that I could make sure it would be taken and and left for me to haul to the dump even though they tried to hide the trash in the mounds of leaves,next I moved the trash to the curb from an eviction because they wont do it and it was full and smelling. Refill all medication boxes for a week For Tony so I will know if he took his meds or not.

Monday, I checked in with the two evicted people to see if they were staying and willing to be put out and taken to court, one asked for two more days, one was not moving and I will have to throw them out. Next stop was the paperwork to file to have them tossed out.

Tuesday I got the survey back that was not right because he did not actually survey my land. I collected rent.

Wednesday I had an evening doctor appointment so I went and gathered paperwork to see where my lines are at because I knew that three hundred and fifty dollar paper was way wrong by looking at it. One tenant did move and left the key in the door, The other evicted tenant sat on the porch all day showing defiance about moving. I am thinking this is the same day that I had a trespasser and I had to call the police. I also collected rent.

I don`t even remember Thursday.

Friday I worked all day, scrubbing filth.

Seriously I am not sure if what I did on those days are the right days, I just remember doing that last week.

Now don`t get me wrong about my job being all that hard, its mostly talking and when they move cleaning and repairing.

What brought me to my breaking point today is I am doing all the paper work, handling all the money, that means making sure everything gets paid. Eat? cook if I want food and I have to feed Tony. Clean? If it gets done, it me. Dogs? they only get food and water from me, they only get attention from me.

Then today I had this old man come over and tell me that my food plants need to be outside. After all the work I am doing growing them I think I know not to put them out in the 32° nights! Oh and I take care of the plants daily.

I like to write but honestly, Its getting hard to find any time.

I quit today!

I went to bed and slept for 1 1/2 hours.

But the problems were still here when I woke. Dirty dishes and no food cooked.

I want a new life, I need to give away all this control and live a little.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry