It Could Be Worst

I took the day off, I could have went out to work as usual but I needed to catch up with life here on the homestead. Tony`s Uncle came and got him so I had a peaceful day to myself.

All of me :

The dogs were out of food so I went to walmart to get kibbles n bits, I had a two dollar off one bag coupon and its always around nine ninety eight. Next stop was the little grocery store chain for Tony`s meats cause he was out and they are cheaper than th rest.

I had plenty of people looking at me ,smile and walk on. I thought nothing about it because some days people are nicer than other days.

Then I got home and looked in the mirror, no wonder they were looking and smiling, My hair looked weird! The wind is blowing really hard so I sloppy bun the long part and hair sprayed the bangs. The bun was still okay but the bangs were sticking straight out in front, making a weird stuck up in the air look. I bet they were thinking ” here comes a crazy lady smiling, just smile and keep going” 🙂 I am glad I did not see anyone I knew.

At Home:

I gathered up a small load of towels and wash clothes to wash. I got those done and washed a blanket and sheets.

I washed all the dirty dishes and put on a pork roast for Tony`s dinner.

I cleaned the “everybody`s” Bathroom, it`s always the first to get cleaned.

I was feeling tired so I took advantage of the peace and quiet and laid down for a nap. I drifted off to sleep right away. Thirty minutes later the phone rang and my mistake was putting in on the bedside table. I looked at the number and turned over, went back to sleep. Another thirty minutes passed and it rang again, I looked at the number and it was my sister. I answered.

This is not all of my short day… wait for part two coming your way 🙂

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

All Jumbled Up

March 11, 2016

I think I have lost a few days somewhere in March, as I cannot believe that it is the eleventh of the month.

My plans were all jumbled up today because Tony had plans of his own and it was not going to work with me, but he is not supposed to be alone for long periods of time.

And my hired help has become on one day off one day and back on and so forth.

BUT, I played lets make a deal. I take him where he wants to go and I will still go to the rentals and show one and do a little nit picking stuff. Okay it was on.

I loaded the car with what I needed and Tony got him a few diet Pepsi and put them in the car cooler that I carry with me.

First stop Post office to mail off a ebay sell.

Click. Click. Nothing.

The car would not crank, so we beat the battery, still nothing.

I asked Tony if he could drive and I would deal with the car later, he said ” I guess” and went back inside for his keys while I switched everything over to the truck.

I did make it to the post office and to show the rental house and then he wanted to go to the chiropractor because his arm and shoulder has been hurting. We did and I ended up getting an adjustment too.

Next stop was Lowe`s home improvement center where Tony buys a saw, brand new was $50, then went on sale for $42 and now it was $20. When I looked it had a note ” missing a part” I said ” you don`t want that!” and that is when the store manager said “the only thing missing is that bolt” and pointed to it, it was a display and has never been used. Tony bought it.

I had to get some bathtub sealer, you know the special calk for bathrooms. I did find a deal. I found a clearance on what I needed just in the tube and not the calk thing. It was $2.41 per tube and it was on sale for .52! I bought ten 🙂 This stuff is not going to rot and I have two houses to repair besides this one.

I went back by the rental and locked up. I took the trash down the hill to the one house that I pay for pick up, they have not been home, so I used the service this week again. When the sheriff hung the notice they disappeared. I have not seen them since. I took the trash early because I may not get back by Sunday night to have it ready for pick up.

I did not cook tonight. We went for Chinese food. AFTER Tony hooked up the battery charger to my car battery. Come to find out I have a problem, the fog lights are coming on and not going off. Its always something with an older car.

How was your day?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry