Conversations With Angie

Some days I talk to many people and animals, some days not so much to anyone except online.

Yesterday was a talk day.

I was at a rental house working and I had went to the store and came back. A little fluffy black dog walked up and I said ” Hey, where did you come from?” This dog walked over and gentle stood up with its front paws on my legs, as to greet me. Then she walked over to Tony sitting on the porch and sat in his lap. After a couple of minutes he shooed her away. This little dog followed me all over the yard while I picked dandelion flowers to eat later, then when I took a short break and say down she came over and sat in my lap and insisted that I pet her head, by nudging my hand 🙂 I told the dog it needed to go back home and I am sure it was the neighbors house dog because she smelled clean and kept looking over there, I went inside and when I came back out she was gone. Its strange to meet a dog and it love you right away.

Uncle stopped by when he seen the work going on. He was headed to the doctors office because his knee was swollen but he had been talking about feeling tired all the time. As much as he does not want to admit he is a borderline diabetic and he does eat A LOT of sweet junk food. I told him to cut back and he would feel better.

A couple hours later he came by and I had him to inspect the drywall repair 🙂 just for the fun of it, and the doctor told him to go on a diet!!! I had already figured that was why his knee was hurting because he started walking and he is about 50 pounds over weight.

Now a blast from the past that come to mind :

When I was young my brother said ” You are a flower child and you were born in the wrong time.” I never knew what he meant by that but it stuck with me as did this statement ” When you were a baby you ate any paper you could find, even my homework and everyone always said you would be a writer when you grew up.” I laughed at this one because school was boring to me and he had no idea that I blog today, or that I have two books written, not published but written.

Do you have conversations that stick with you long after the fact?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Saying I Don`t Care

I don`t care. What is the meaning of those words?

How many times have you said those three words? I cannot count the amount of times I have said ” I don`t care.”

Now saying ‘I don`t care’ is all about when you say it and how you are using those three words.

I am often speaking about how I don`t care what others think about me or say about me, I feel its just gossiping and if they want to talk about me then I reckon I am popular enough to be the center of their world. Either its love or jealous, right?

When I am talking about going somewhere and I say ” I don`t care” how I look, Its nothing fancy. That would mean that I don`t care that I am just dressed in my work clothes and shoes. Its not saying I don`t care how I look, as I do brush my hair and teeth and I am wearing clothing that is covering my body.

Now there are times that “I don`t care” can mean a whole different thing. For instance: when someone has lied and lied so much to you and still they did not deliver on what they had promised and they come out with yet another excuse I will look them in the eye and say ” I don`t care” and its not my problem. Its like this with me, I caught you in one lie so I will never believe you again.

And yet another use of those three little words, I have guest over and their children are going to make a mess and I know this because they are children and the parents are going nuts trying to, well, not be embarrassed by what the child is doing so I will say ” Its okay, I don`t care if they make a mess, we`ll clean it up later.

One more. I am home and the boyfriend comes up and asks, “DO you mind if I go out for a while with the guys?” I will respond ” No, I don`t care, Have fun.”

Now how much do you say ” I don`t care?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry