I Quit For 30 Days And Six Months

Back when I first began to use coupons I went to walmart and I also priced matched or some call it ad match. Then when many others began doing the same thing as I was they got stricter with their policy, after all we { the coupon people, money savers) were cleaning out products because we got them all free. But seriously it was no skin off their back because the manufacturer was giving them every cent back in cash.

But the problem was not with me shopping there with coupons but because I was there other things got bought, that is actually why they added the grocery section in the first place.

I did the 30 day cold turkey quit going to walmart to shop. I shopped at all the other stores.

Do you want to know what I discovered?

I discovered that the other stores were cheaper and with better quality of goods. I actually got more free food at Publix and Winn Dixie because they doubled the coupons, which made up for the price being a little higher. Clothing was cheaper at the ” Mall!” Store like Sears and old Navy.

I do go to Walmart now but I just had to stop and see if there was a difference. The best thing I can say about Walmart is that they are open 24/7 and sometimes I do need something at 2 am.


I have always worn makeup but I have never felt like I had to wear it. I am comfortable in my own skin.

But last year I had allergies so bad that it hurt my eyes to wear mascara and why use base makeup when you are blowing your nose often?

Before I knew it six months had passed and I had not worn makeup!

I was treated no differently than the painted up ladies by men or women, well… a few women snubbed their noses up at me because I guess I was not made up, or some said because of jealousy but naa, I think they were just snobs.

Have you even broke an addiction cold turkey? For whatever reason.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

People Say Funny Stuff

I talk to people but Tony talks to everyone. The elderly do love to talk but I have only known a few that could out talk Tony.

Now when I go into a place of business I do talk to the people I need to talk to about the business that I am there do, and then there are the people there that want to talk, other customers for the most part.

There is this one elderly lady, age 83, that has worked in many retail stores in her lifetime. The currant place she works is as a door greeter at Walmart. I don`t go to Walmart much anymore but the other night I went for sinus medication because I had, had a sinus headache for a couple days and it needed to be gone.

Well you know I did not just get to exit the store without chatting it up with this lady because she was sitting on her stool and leaning on a shopping cart waiting for someone to dare pass her with unbagged Walmart junk.

We walked up and said hello and she could barely talk, she had been sick but was getting better and that is when it happened, The bottom feel out and it was pouring rain, you could not see nothing outside, she told us to step beside her because we was NOT going out in that pouring rain!

Tony began for the 100th time to tell her how he makes homemade cough syrup and that one time his Aunt gave him some with whiskey in it and even though he won`t touch a drop of alcohol he did take a spoonful and it cleared him up. I mentioned that next time he got sick that I bought a pint of vodka and made it and it worked again and I added I still have that whole pint except that one small shot gone and that she could have it.

This sweet little elderly lady said ” Oh honey thank you so much for the offer but I use white lightning, or you may know it as moonshine.”

I stood speechless and just nodded. Finally I got out the words ” oh, okay.”

When I got into the car I had to laugh, I would have never in a million years thought that she would drink any form of anything alcohol, moonshine? Never, ever!

The funny things people say.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Dentist And Shopping

No matter rain or shine, snow or ice, you must have a dentist! No matter what.

Today it did not just rain it poured ALL day and I was out in it all day. But I did make good with the appointments. I dropped Tony off for his doctor appointment and I went to the dentist, one block away. When he walked down to the dentist is was only sprinkling like the water God allowed his safe passage.

The reason for my dentist appointment was to check out a tooth that has been cold sensitive and pressure sensitive for about a week or ten days. I got the X-ray and not the news I wanted. I have a dead root and I require a root canal 🙁 but she doesnt do those in her office so I am having to go back to the dental school, the problem with the school is that they will want to start from the bottom, cleaning first although I just had a cleaning not two months ago. She wants it fixed within a month or I could get an infection. Going to a regular dentist is out of the question because I do not have $1,000 to save one back tooth, yes for a root canal and a crown that is the cost, I am not sure of I will have to habe a crown as of yet.


I had no intentions of shopping today but I had Tony and he did. He wanted a new water pik for his teeth because he refuses to floss. So off to Walmart I went, well on the way home.

I went through the garden center at the Walmart in Oxford Alabama and as I did I asked the lady mining the door ” do you have any potting soil or any kind of dirt?” She said as she pointed ” its on the outside next to the wall.” Knowing I was not going out for a bag of dirt in the pouring rain and the dark I thanked her and went inside. I scanned the area because no more Christmas took the space over, just one corner of 1/2 priced stuff. And there was dirt on an end cap 🙂 Actually potting soil. I bought a bag and I also bought a new Christmas tree. Oh yeah, Tony got the last water pik in his price range.

Now since I am beginning my new business I will keep up with this being the first money spent, for dirt.

How was your day?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry