The Walking Dead – Bad Luck?

As I am waiting for the mid season finale of the walking dead, Tonight at 8 pm, I got to thinking about this show. I do love it but it took me a year before I would watch.

Anyways I thought about each season, well the first was about all them getting together, the season two and after is what I wanna talk about.

Just think about it, Hershel had a nice farm and no problems much with walkers, even stored some in the barn. Then Rock and his crew showed up. That all went to hell! And Carol changed.

Next was the nice town the governor had and the prison, After Rick and his crew… All went to hell.

How about those meat eaters 😀 , I mean people eaters, cannibals. They had a wonderful set up and were all happy until Rock and his crew showed up, went straight to hell when Carol saved Ricks crews lives, after he kicked her out to be alone with the walkers.

That hospital that had Beth and the people lived there and worked in the hospital and got food and water and lights, nice set up but went to hell when Ricks crew came around.

The preacher and the Church, ya know I am not sure he is even a real preacher. Rock got there. to hell it went.

Now this season. Alexandria. This awesome place. No walkers. Food and water and solar power. Rick and his crew came and now? Its all gone to hell! Tonight we get to see who dies, wouldn`t it be horrible is Maggie or Glen died?

Now are you thinking what I am thinking? Dont let Rick and his crew near your perfect walker free zone! I know they can kick some zombie ass but ….. ya know, it`ll all got to hell.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry