Strange People

I am not saying that I am not strange to others but I know some really strange people.

I have this one repairman that comes to my house as I need him and he has always walked all over my house, room to room just about. I don`t have a problem with this because I try to keep my home neat and clean.

Every year for the past five years I include him in the ” food as a gift” because I do appreciate him coming and fixing what is broken that I cannot do myself.

He is a little strange but I maybe strange to other people so I over look that, he does good work and he is affordable.

What makes me wonder is this part.

Every company I have hired I am allowed to go to their place of business, not matter if its a home based business, after all I have always ran my businesses from home.

But not this man and not his business.

I call and ask him where do I drop off his goody box and he always says ” I will be over to get it” and once I even met him in a parking lot in town.

This week has been so busy that I have not had time to clean the house or do laundry properly and I told Tony to call this time and ask him where he lives and we`ll drop off his goodies because I will be down that way, his part of town. Oh no! He said ” I will come tomorrow morning.”

You know that around Christmas its so busy that I am in and out of the house, sometimes gone all day, coming home sleeping and getting up to go again. I do deliver the goodies I bake because most of the people are elderly (70 years old to 90 years old). I will take a plate of brownies in to show appreciation for a business I use regularly but I make a mix of brownies, cookies , candy and cupcakes for this guy. I have always just delivered.

Tony asked ” What time because we have a full day.”

He said ” nine am.”

Last night I fixed up his box but I did it in containers that could be sealed or wrapped with foil to stay fresh.

I hate to do this but I have to get a bath, deliver two more baked gifts, go to the doctor and talk to someone about the dog problem that has become a problem for my business, Its pouring rain and bad weather is coming the later in the day it gets, I will not be home till well after eight pm. I do not have time to chat and I knew if I was there he would stay for a good long time.

I hid.

I went into my bedroom and let Tony talk. I had a headache and went back to bed was the story.

It worked, he only stayed around fifteen minutes.

The elderly couple that recommended this man seems to know his past and said that His wife went off the deep end when her daughter killed herself, but they raised her children. Maybe she is a hoarder and her home is a mess and he doesnt want anyone to know. Maybe I am not good enough to come to their home? I know his other daughter from the place she works and she is friendly.

I dont know. I do know that he is amazed that I will take care of my home, cook and do yard work.

The song ” people are strange” by the doors is floating around in my head.

Do you know people like this guy?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry