Thursday Night Smash Up

I have to say this is a smash it up day. Nothing went as planned and I had to flex with the day.

I woke with a sore throat, not meaning anything bad because if I take allergy medication it`ll sometimes make me have a dry sore throat but I did not have any 🙁

I worked on a couple blogs and Tony came home. The weather is unpredictable , storms with rain or snow, no one knows, So Tony wants to stock on Pepsi and his grape flavored shots. I now am bathing to go shopping. But to tell the truth I needed blood sugar testing strips anyways 🙂

By the time I got back it had rained but stopped. I grabbed my dirty clothes and put them back on, got the dogs and went for a walk. I still have the sore throat but I sucked on one of those drops that numb.

About my forth trip around the fields Tony stood on the front porch yelling for me to stop when I came back around.

A tenant called and said ” The door fell off the hinges and wont close.” I always find it disturbing to hear a ” door fell” because it usually means ” we knocked it down to get in the house because we left the key inside.” The guy Tony asked to go fix it said that he couldn`t do it alone so to work we went.

On the way my car sort of tore up. The power steering quit, I barely got off the side of the road and I had a tailgater almost cream me because I reckon they don`t understand hazard flashers.

We filled it up with fluid and by time we drove another 20 miles it needed it again. However, I drove all the way home without adding more but its making a weird noise. I do expect the car parts to break since I have 305,000 miles on my car.

We still do not know what the heck happened to that door but Tony could not get the ” new door, only three months old” back as it was, a perfect fit. He actually had to take the saw and trim out the door facing, he said he was not cutting that new door. The helper said that the top was hanging down and the door lock plate was hanging , barely.

It began to rain and the longer I waited for the men to work on that door the sicker I am feeling. I usually dodge these germs even being around sick people.

I drove home in the rain.

I felt so bad that I did not want to cook but I know I needed food that I went 100% off my way of eating. I had a burger and potato chips.

No I did not get any work done on the at home business, no I did not get any paper work done …. my day just went… whatever way the wind blew it.

Now Its not even nine pm and I am thinking about going to bed.

How was your day?

By Andria Perry
Art by Andria Perry