911 – Shots Fired!

After cooking all morning and walking the dogs I decided to set down and watch some good old fashion T.V. , The curtains were open and my kitchen lights on because it was cloudy all day.

Judge Judy was and I was really getting into the show that was about child custody when it happened…..

Gunshots fired!

Not just shooting out in the woods but this was in MY woods and shots fired at MY house! I am sure it was buck shot because I could hear the pellets hitting the metal things on my front porch.

Three shotgun blasts.

I went to the back door and yelled “hey! There is a house here.”

And thats when they did it! Whoever was in my yard fired two more shots.

I went straight to the phone and called the police.

I made my report and they said they would talk to some of the neighbors to see if they seen anyone. It is a felony to shot toward a house no matter if you are in the city limits or not.

I was also told if I fear for my life I have to right to protect myself, wonder what the police meant by that?

I have NEVER gave anyone written permission to hunt my tiny bit of land and by Alabama state laws they have to have written permission on their person to be on anyones land hunting.

Out here is mostly woods so Why don`t people stay home and hunt ? Oh wait that might bother their women and children.

So I have now decided to GO hunting on my own property, I can just practice shooting the shotgun if I want, after all NO one is supposed to be on my land!

My next walk in the woods will be to post “NO HUNTING” signs.

By Andria Perry
Art By Andria Perry