Check In For March – Resolutions 2016

Here we go, another month has passed and I am taking a look at how I improved my life or I did nothing at all.

Number one : Stop shopping so much and use up the stockpile.

This one was a one hundred percent yes! For one thing I was on an even tighter budget because of buying materials for the rental houses. I cooked just about everyday at home and I did not eat out very much. I stockpiled nothing.

Number Two: Start a new business.

I did and I can say I have not made it grow any as far as making any money. I have taken care of the plants but I had to put this on the back burner to take care of the rentals. I had evicted two and had one to move. I would have preferred to stay at home and nurture the new business rather than work at a rental house but I have to do this transition slowly so that I can have money to pay my power and water, Tony the phone and cable. This one is a fifty fifty.

Number Three: Replace all the old new.

This one has not happened either, except for at the rental houses. I am down to one car and I am in need of another. I reckon its going to be Gods will as when that will happen. I am also looking for a good but cheap solar system. This is a one hundred percent fail for the month of March.

Number Four: Be more selfish.

Fail. Fail and Fail. The month of March was all for others. I am extremely tired. BUT I am building muscle while doing this.

Now think back three months and lets hear it, Did you work on your resolutions? If not you still have time. Start today and see what you can do, you`ll be amazed at yourself if you just try 🙂

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Resolutions – Check In Time February

Wow! Another month has already passed, so how have you, or rather me, been doing with those new year resolutions?

I always make four, two that I should accomplish pretty easily and two that will take a lot of trying. I don`t always accomplish all of them but I am still trying to better myself in the meantime.

One : Stop shopping so much and use up the stockpile.

I am proud of myself and I have accomplished this resolution this month, I did not shop but around half as much as I would have. For the most part I have only bought fresh produce for myself and bread and meats for Tony.

Two: Start a new business.

I have been working at this but I may not make it. Unlike before when I did my own business and I ran the other roofing business I did have help with the roofing business. But running two and doing so much of the work alone is hard and either I do one or the other. I have to make the rentals my priority as it pays my bills and work slower on the new business. I am doing this but its hard.

Three: Replace the old with new.

This one is a complete fail! I just don`t have the time or money to shop, not yet anyways. I am looking for another car, truck or SUV.

Four: Be more selfish.

What is being selfish? Okay I am doing this a little. I refuse to be forced to eat what others eat when I really don`t like it or want it and I am cooking more of what I like, they can eat it or starve 🙂 I have also been enjoying more time on the computer, although ninety nine percent of the computer time is for making money but I still enjoy reading and hearing of other peoples life and points of view.

How about you/ How are you doing on those resolutions or life goals?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Resolutions For 2016 – Monthly Check In

Here we are one month of the new year already gone so lets do a check in on how we are all doing with this years resolutions.

I make four each year and I always make two that should be easy and two that will be hard to impossible to achieve. Remember last year the hardest was to stop cussing, well that did not happen then nor now :/ But I did make it with improving health by taking better care of myself.

Now lets see :

Number one – Stop shopping so much and use the stockpile. This one is a for sure accomplishment, yes I did shop but nothing like I was, Plus I have been using the stockpile in the freezer and the pantry. Not going out to dinner as much also.

Number two – Start a new business. This one is also a yes, making progress. I have sown seeds and I have seedlings, I have houseplants growing nicely that were just cuttings from other plants. I planted more today. But I have not got to the point where I can say I have a new business but I am working hard at it. I am also clearing out a spot this weekend to build the green house.

Number Three – Replace old and worn out with new ( things and thoughts). I cant really say I have done anything with this one, except keep the car up with new parts. But I have changed my way of thinking a little more by thinking before I speak and only saying what feels logical.

Number four – Be more selfish- I have to say I have slam ducked this one. I have totally, 100% been selfish. I have not answered the phone. I have not ran when someone said ” come help me” when I know they did not need help, they just wanted me to do whatever for them. I have said No. I have called and canceled appointments because they was not when I wanted to come. Feels … freeing.

So, how are you doing the first month of the new year?

By Andria Perry
Photo Andria Perry

Resolutions For 2016 – Day 10

Okay, lets hear it! Who has already forgotten about making resolutions ten days ago? 🙂

Well this old gal has been taking it serious so far. Ten days, what can I manage in ten days?

Lets see.

Number one- Use the stockpile and stop shopping. Yes and Yes. I have bought minimal food, mostly just fresh produce and Tony milk and eggs.


Tonight for dinner I am making chili. I had cooked the red beans on bean day so they were in the freezer, green bell pepper? Yes I grew those and they were in the freezer, Can tomato paste and Tomatoes? Yes, from the stockpile. Mushrooms? Yes I had canned those when they were on sale last year. Meat? Yes from the freezer, I bought a family pack and separated it for meals back in December, Boca meat? Yes. All the spices, had those already even the fresh onions. Yes I will make cornbread and yes I had all that stuff from December.

NOTE: I cook the meat separate from the rest, Tony uses real meat I don`t.


Number two- Start the new business- Heck yes! I have been working everyday with these plants and seeds and dirt. I am painting things to put them in and keeping a journal of when I planted what and how many.


Number three – Replace the old with new. Well, Yes somewhat. I did buy a new toilet replacement valve for my bathroom, it leaks out the water and I am tired of turning the water off and on each time I flush. But I did not install it yet.

Number four – Be more selfish. Hmm. No not really. I still tend to think of others before myself. But I am still taking me thirty minutes to one hour walk with the dogs in the fresh cold air.

Now C`mon, tell me how have you been doing with your resolutions 🙂

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

Resolutions For 2016

I have been so busy with work the last thirty days that I really have not thought about the parts of my life that needs improving until the last couple of days of 2015.

I wrote down a couple resolutions that I know I want to make a difference in my life for this new year. But when I make these resolutions I have to think about how it will affect the people who in are now in my life and make room for new people to come in my life as well.

So here goes, my top four for the new year of 2016.

Number one – Stop shopping and use the stockpile.

As most of you know I am an extreme coupon user. I try to get everything for free, half price or less and for the most part less. I have a nice stockpile and yes everything is in date and not expired. But I want to use as much as I can and not buy because I will be canning my own food more than before.

I will most certainly have to change the way I think about shopping for food, house and body supplies, that is the challenge.

Number two – Start a new business.

A couple years ago I made this same resolution but it was different then , I wanted a new career and I wanted someone else doing all the book keeping and the insurance stuff. This year I am starting a new business, No I have never done anything like this but if I don`t try, I will not know if I can make it or not. Since I am good at growing and I am a born sales lady, how can I go wrong?!

Number three- Replace the old with new.

This resolution is a multi one. I know I will have no choice but to replace my old car with a new one sooner than later, it has over 300,000 miles.Replace my old wardrobe with a new one, slowly not all at once. I also want to replace old thoughts with new thoughts. It seems I do not give myself enough credit for the abilities I possess. No second thoughts and just do it. That is how I need to be.

Number Four – Be more selfish.

As most women know, sometimes, no most of the time, I neglect myself to help others. I over work. I do not tend to my appearance as I want. I neglect my healthy eating habits to accommodate what others want to eat. I want to be a little more selfish, think of me before anyone else. Make plans for travel that I want and not just go as the driver. That type of selfishness.

Well that is my yearly four. I make two that I am sure I can accomplish and two that will be hard. Can you pick which is which?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

End Of Year 2015 Check In

Here we go yet again. Its check in time to see how I did with those resolutions that most people say they forget around February. I write mine down and I make sure I reflect each month on progress or lack there of.

My number one concern for the year of 2015 was to get back in touch with how I am eating and to deal with diabetes. I did change doctors, twice. I was tired of them not listening to what I was saying. I do have a good doctor now and he is tough on me about this diabetes, he wants me to attend cooking classes for diabetes but he does not understand that I know how to cook and I do not care for the meat they try and push me to eat. What I am saying I know better and I am not perfect. I will say this one is a success.

Number two to work on is getting better organized than I already am ( I just scratched my head while thinking), I am gonna go with yes and no. I can think of things I need to go through, get rid of and /or keep but clean up better. Yes I have a place for everything and its neat like that. This one is a success but still needs more work.

Number three was for me to make more me time, do more of what I like to do. This one us also and yes and no. I did inherit/ rescue a new dog and I walk him daily unless its pouring rain and he wont budge out of his dog house, not even for food! And I enjoy the time I spend alone walking. I did manage to get a few more good photographs this year. I do love the one with the red tree in the middle of all the pines and dead trees. And I did work on another book and I just need to add the photos and I will be ready to self publish. I do need to work more for making time for me and not worrying with other people so much, meaning less stress and less of their drama.

Number four… The big tough one. Stop cussing. I smile as I type this because its a big fat , no. Failed completely! I know this is not a good habit for such a wonderful lady as myself but its there, I say cuss words. I have no idea how I will ever stop cussing, especially when I am mad.

Now see how easy it is to make and do your best to keep your resolutions? I am actually making new ones for the new year 2016.

How about you? can you do it?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

December 1, 2015 – Check In Time

Every month I revisit those goals I made back in January also known as resolutions to see how far I have came.

The reason I chose to call this … wants/ needs of change resolutions is because its something I want to resolve, Where as I view goals as something I prefer to gain. I guess both words can be use. I think its one of those things that you can look up in the dictionary and the words send you to each other.

Anyways here is progress or failure, yes there is no other word except failure but not all failure is bad, some failure is a learning experience.

Number one – Eat better to reverse health problems. November was one of those yo yo months. Did well for a while and then work kept me away from home, where I tend to cook healthier, and along came a holiday that is all about food, or maybe just about pie 🙂

I feel I am doing better because I am exercising more. Loosing pounds? No.

BUT….I have come to realize I must change my thought pattern about buying food, no matter the situation. This resolution is 50/50.

Number two- Get better organized. This one is a 100% success. I cleaned out the office and not one single thing got crammed back in when company showed up. I took what I had brought home from the inheritance and I took it to the old home place, to either set up as a furnished rental or to sell.

Number three- More time for me and the things I like to do. Last month this was another 50/50 because some days I was selfish and cut the phones off and did nothing but what I wanted regardless if it was work outside, write or simply read a book. The past week was the best week of the month.

Number four – stop cussing- 100% fail! I am not sure if this habit will ever be resolved. I cuss and I do not know I am cussing till it comes out. I know that is sooooo bad. But I wont give up because my future, my planned future cannot have such redneck behavior. I have to learn to use all my ladylike manners and cussing is not ladylike whatsoever.

As the year comes to an end I must now ask myself ” what is it that I want out of life for next year, in what areas should I improve”. I am pretty sure I know one for sure but I will not reveal till the new year.

Looking back at the years and what resolutions have came to pass I can see where I have grown. Maybe not in the first year but the next year because those resolutions do not go away, they just become a list that you are aware of and are still working on them even if you do not realize that you are.

How did you do last month on your yearly resolutions/ goals?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry