Removal Of Comment?! Points Deducted.

I have to say this about comments.

I know we are all here at Blogjob for the same thing, to write and get paid for it.

I know some people leave comments to be approved and I am fine with that, especially if you have a follower that leaves nasty comments but I am not one of those people. I am for the most part a happy person and I like to leave comments to make people feel better, if its a teaching/learning article I let the person know that I did learn something and I appreciate the information.

I will approve comments that are not all that nice but that is life, not everyone agrees and its a good thing. Many have said ” coupons are a waste of time” because that is how they see using coupons, if everyone agreed about everything this world would be boring, but I allow their opinion on my comments.

I try my best to leave a comment on every blog I read. I do have a few friends here that I read daily and I will comment on those blogs. Last night I commented on a few blogs that are new to me and some that are older but I have not visited for a while.

This morning I see in the stats box that I got two one cent deductions for removal of comments. I really wish I knew who did not like the comments I left because I would not ever read their blog again, because this type of behavior is hurtful to the feelings of others. I would not want to be a burden to those to have to remove my comment.

I actually “Read” the articles, this takes time and as we all know time means money when you are working for writing sites.

If I ever have in the past, or the future, hurt someones feelings please leave me a message saying so because its never my intention to hurt anyones feeling when I leave a comment. If you do not want me leaving comments please tell me this also and I will walk away.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry