Random Thoughts

Its sunny out today and I am hoping the temps soar into the seventies, I need to bust out of this place and get some fresh air, a walk and some prayer time.

It rained for twenty four hours, I think, and hard rain. I have a small pond in the front yard and the dogs have full pot holes in their yard, the back yard. I have no idea why they dig holes but they do and I see them even drinking the water from those holes and not their water bucket.

I have to pick up my car, I dropped it off at the shop to have a small oil leak fixed while I had a little money left in that account. Now I wont have to get all greasy checking the oil. Its hard to hit that small hole pouring oil and not spilling it, I got good at it. Yes I know they make funnels for that but tell all the _______ that smash mine flat and just plain don`t care if I have one.

I still plan to buy a new car, or rather a newer car. I have never had a brand new car, I seem to always buy a lightly used car and save half of what it would have cost.

Want a dodge but may settle for something else.



I plan to work at the rentals, doing what I do not know yet.

I just cashed out on Blogjob and I am working toward my next $100. I have $3.65 toward my $10 cash out at EliteWriters, but its just a young site with a few active members, I think it would be a great site if more would just post and comment a little. I have reached the $10 cash out for mylot but its at the end of each month so whatever I make between now and then over the Ten dollars will be my payday there.

I work with the plants every morning and I plant on days with a good sign, very productive. I did this method last Spring and I had SO many vegetables I was giving them away. Can I make this new job work for me? I don`t know but I will try and thats about all I can do.

What are your thoughts?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry