Conversation With Angie – Random People

Yesterday was a talkative day for me and there is always a conversation or two that I have that makes me smile , make me mad or makes me think ” WHHHHHAAAATTT!”

At the post office. It was busy because Monday it was closed and I joined in the long line. Behind me was a lady with three little boys and in from of me was a lady that knew them so she talked a little to the kids. The youngest was four, know this by the conversation, and he continually wanted to ” make the door go beep”. He did it once and the post office lady asked him not to do that. But that did not make this child stop saying over and over ” make it beep, momma make it beep”. After a couple minutes I bent down and whispered ” The lady gets mad if we make it beep”. Okay he stopped for a total of one minute. Then as everyone left they let the little boy open the door for them so it would beep. Cute and annoying.


My sister knew we were going to ask the homeless man to move on yesterday, she does not know him but we do. While the homeless man got a ride from his cousin to the food stamp office so that he could use his address, we did a little work at the rental he was staying in. Well down a couple blocks is a shopping plaza and someone had a stuck horn. My sister rang my cell and I rejected the call because she knows I am low on minutes, I am only one block from her house.

A few minutes passed and here she came walking up the hill. She said “what is that horn noise?” We told her what we thought and it quit after a minute or so. She said ” I am going back home, I thought that homeless guy got mad and killed y`all, that you were slumped over the steering wheel and making the horn blow.

This one made me go “whhhhaaatt!”


On the way home we had to stop for gas, I stop at this one station all the time and I like the people who run it, mostly the same three people. I told the cashier that I have one more rug to lay and the house would be done and ready to rent. She asked “what is the rent?” I told her and she said ” I may be interested in this house”. Then she added ” you know the day shift lady?” I replied ” yes”, and she said ” she is looking for a house, she broke up with her husband.” I told her to come look at my house and if she did not want it to give my name to the other lady. This conversation made me smile, may be, just maybe I can rent this house without posting it and going through 50 people without jobs etc.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry