Crazy Day

I have to say that I was not in a good mood all day. I did not get but five hours of sleep after working extremely hard yesterday, I still have sore muscles in my back, hands and arms.

I “HAD” to have my car at the shop at eight am, by ten the latest. I made it there around nine thirty. I had no choice but to wait in the lobby till it was fixed.

It cost more than I expected so my account was overdrawn and the bank took the money from the small savings account to cover the change and give me a zero balance in checking, Plus they “TAKE” a fee for that. If I would have known running the card as credit would take the money out right away I would have made someone take me to the bank for cash.

The car is fixed.

Next I got the letter in the mail I have been waiting on from the courts, Tomorrow I will file another …. something to the judge for the court ordered eviction to be final with pay that they owe me. BUT if hard head Tony would have listened to me I would not even have to do this, I do the paperwork for a reason and that is because its legal and I stand by it as will a court of law, I have won cases before and its all based on the lease, my attorney made this lease for me based on Alabama state law and he uses it for his rental houses.

I have people watching this house and I will know if they come back. I have not seen anyone in thirteen days.

All day Tony has told me I am wrong when I say anything about anything. And twice he has had to tell me I am right.

Once about allowing him to rent a house, it always goes bad. Anyone that asks him and he says yes, BAD! they always mess me over.

Then about the truck insurance, he said it could be put on hold because money builds up on the policy, I told him no it doesnt. he insisted he was right so I pulled into the insurance company and I told him to go put it on hold.

He came out and said ” you`re right.” But he did not cancel it, I told him they would send a half of a months pay back to him, he told me to do it.

I stop to get produce from Adli`s and a call came in that I was waiting on and it was about the retarded man, he got put back in jail because he has a problem walking around naked outside, not they will send this retarded man to prison to be mistreated, he needs to be in a mental ward.

And the best part of my day, I am in Oxford and there is a stuck semi, half in the muddy median and the rest blocking a whole side of traffic. I said, right there is my turn off, reckon I can go around those two cars and turn off? Tony said ” yes do it!” And as I inched up slowly and cop jump out in front of my car with his hand up ” stop!” I was thinking oh crap, this can`t be good. He asked for my drivers license as he chewed me out for ” passing” as he called it. He run me and then made me wait till ALL the other cars going straight went before and continued to make me wait, till the policeman on the other side of the road got pissed and yelled something at him, then he let me go. Smart A Tony asked him did he want one of his cookies. I can say this cop has never been stuck in a wreck on I-20 because the side of the road is used to ” help ” get traffic flowing again, I almost said that but he was already pissed and I did not need a ticket. He never once asked for my insurance or said a word about Tony not wearing a seat belt.

Finally at home, Now I will take that nap to maybe make me feel better and not so … Witchy. I lay down and flip and flop around like a fish out of water, cant sleep. I am to tired to sleep!

I hope you day is better than mine.

By Andria Perry
Art By Andria Perry

Conversation With Angie – Some With Myself!

I often talk to myself as I am sure most people do. No, I am not talking non stop out loud. Its for the most part still in my head.

I have known many policemen in my days, as personal friends and/or family members. I have learned from them many different ways to approach subjects to get a truthful answer, mostly with words.

For instance, Once I was vacationing at a family members house when I was very young, he was a retired policeman, He said ” You woke me up at three am this morning coming home”, I replied with ” No that was not me I was back around one am”. His wife smiled, and told me later ” you know he was a cop!”. That was the moment I realized he got the answer he wanted by picking at me.

Somewhere in my past I learned to read a house , my house, for things that are not right. Many have “tired and failed” to do things so that I will not notice.

I asked Tony “What time did you get up last night?” He replied “Two am” and added “how did you know I was up?” I told him “The pear core and the dirty dishes told his story”.

But once years ago he tried to fool me….

I have always been able to tell if someone has been cooking in my kitchen so Tony thought he could pull it off and I would not know a thing.

While I slept.

Tony cooked himself a couple of Hamburgers in the middle of the night,after I woke up and went to make my morning coffee I asked “Why did you cook again?”. This stumped him because he washed and put the dishes away. He asked “how did you know I cooked?”. I pointed at my stove top and said “I would never leave grease all over my stove like that”.

Another occasion is when The neighbor climbed through my living room window while I was gone, yes breaking in. Nothing was taken but I knew she had been inside my house the moment I walked in the door. First there was this feel, and then one thing was moved but only about one inch. My chair. After that day all my windows, no matter how hot [before I got a/c] were closed on the lower level of my house.

A few days ago I came home and something was not right. I can only think of one person that could have came inside this house. I am sure I left one thing on and it was off when I came back. Next time it won`t be so easy to get in.

I have been told buy a few people that I should work for the CSI unit, because I can tell a story from a persons trash can. 🙂

Maybe this is a hidden talent that I own.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry