It Could Be Worst – Part Two

Now back to my day and its not even over yet.

She was complaining about the pollen and how bad she feels and the doctor gave her a V pack, she said ” you`re not sick?” I replied “no, I just sneeze occasionally.” Then I asked her if she would look out her window and see if those people finished moving the stuff. Her answer was “No.”

Me Working from home :

I did my usual morning interacting and I wrote a Blog, My Monday minimalism post. I even took time to stop at mylot for a few minutes to let my friends there know I am still alive.

I watered the tomatoes and the bell pepper plants, the rest were okay. The possibility of a freeze will pass tonight and I can take the plants back out tomorrow, the temps will be around 70° F. I will be glad to build the green house because I have an entire room filled with vegetable and fruit plants, and a part of another!

Since no one moved that stuff out of the yard at the Newborn street rental and the living room is full of furniture, I called the lady and reminded her that I need to show this house on Wednesday, she told me they were going this evening and get it done if it took all night. I want to believe her but I cannot. I will see because I will be working tomorrow if its Gods will. I really don`t want any of this stuff, it all old and used up and I would not even be able to sell it in a yard sale.

I also found out that the tenant that took the bigger house has been moving her stuff all day. I am glad they are moving to the bigger house.

Wow and its just a little after five pm.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry