Photographs And Art ( of photos and art)

I have read many different opinions on how to use photos and personal art online with my articles. I do agree with some people but I have to disagree with others.

I do use the same photo many times but only when the article I am writing calls for an expression on my part and I have the perfect art or photo that is exactly how the article should be taken.

Other times when I find that the article is neutral I made a photo of my name and that is it.


When I am talking about new occurrences and the photo is exactly what is happening at that moment then I have that brand new photo for that article.

Maybe I am working on my house and its taking a month, I will post that photo on that article because its about this house.

Now what I am wondering is am I using photos and art wrong.

This is my art:


This one is about having a bad day or bad life and is expression that the day has blown my mind but not in a good way.

This one is about not having a voice and sticks and stones being thrown.


This one is my funny art, About Mars and the aliens.


This one is the bottle tree, I had a dream of three houses and a bottle tree and I painted it. A while later I was across the state at a cousins house and there was my dream, three exact homes and she had a bottle tree in her yard, spooky right?

Photographs of mine:


This one is an actual pill but its a big giant fake pill Tony got in some bag from Walgreens. I use this one often when I talk about medications or doctors.


This sky I use all the time, not really for any certain articles.


I use this money photo when I am talking about money.


I use this one when I talk about coupons.

Now is the big question, do you read an article if it has the same photo or art on the heading? And do you add the photo or art before or after you talk about the subject in the photo or the art?

By Andria Perry
Photos and art by Andria Perry