Two Years Ago – Life In Photos

I was looking for inspiration of what to write about this morning, since I am sure many are tired of hearing about all the dirty rentals I am redoing.

So I decided to do a what was in the photos two years ago. Two years ago I was still writing for bubblews and I often used my ow photographs as I do now, so lets take a look now.


FISH! Fish was it. The guys went fishing and had an awesome time catching fresh water fish called “Crappie” and this is one of my favorite fresh water fishes.


After a few was cleaned I then cooked them up with waffle fries and cole slaw.


Well…. okay I was working on a rental house. I had to have this done because it was becoming a huge pain in my backside. I had two of the rental houses on one water line, I bought them like this and after years of people not paying the bill and I had to pay it I bit the bullet, so to speak, and I forked out five hundred and fifty dollars to have a new water meter installed, but I still had to get the pipe in from the meter to the house. I helped dig this ditch with two men. One man wanted me to slow down to drag out this job but since I was paying him I worked harder than he did. But it got done and I got big muscles 🙂


I snapped a few photos of all the beautiful blooming trees on my way to work that day. This is a Bradford pear tree in full bloom, these are male pear trees and they do not bear fruit but are necessary to have, to make fruit on the female trees.

What happened in your world two years ago? Can you look back and see?

By Andria Perry
Photos by Andria Perry