The House Hates Them

The House Hated Them

Being a landlady I see and hear so many things that totally blow my mind, sometimes daily, sometimes I can go for a year but lately I got a new one ” The house hates us!”

I have this woman with three grown children, one is sick with a crippling disease and another is retarded and has to have full time care, a wonderful and kind family. I adore them.

I often rent out a smaller house and when that tenant see`s a large house is available they ask to more, sometimes I allow it and this is one of those cases when I said yes.

First thing that happened was a dish company said there is no signal at this house, the only one in the neighborhood, I find this odd.

Next usual water leaks, I mean somethings happen and that is normal but not like this.

Tree limbs began to fall, big limbs. Once again this is normal but I have never seen this many.

They have a hard time keeping the lawn mowed.

I was traveling a couple days ago from one small town back to Anniston, this is in Alabama, and I seen the tenant standing outside of her employment smoking so I stopped. She told me that there is a spot in the floor, like the floor is rising.

Of coarse I was disappointed to hear this! Trying not to be mean I said ” Ya know I never had any problems with this house till you moved in, seriously.”

She told me ” That house hates us.”

This is a first for me, its a nice cottage style house with hard wood floors and an attic made into two extra bedrooms. If I were to move into one of the rental houses it would be this one, plus its on a double size lot with a fence surrounding it.

I know I made a face when I said ” really?”

She was serious when she said ” Oh yeah.”

I have not had time to go up and check that floor because of the other house having roof repairs, a huge that had to be replaced and I could not leave it.

I have to think about this, a house that hates people.

By Andria Perry
Art By Andria Perry